Ore World Mod 1.7.10

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Ore World Mod 1.7.10

This Mod can lets you craft some ugly items, blocks and portals, but these portals can let you go through a FULLY ORE WORLD!!!

This mod contains:

7 items

  1. Not active coal
  2. Not active iron ingot
  3. Not active gold ingot
  4. Not active diamond
  5. Not active emerald
  6. Not active redstone dust
  7. Not active lapis

7 blocks

  1. Not active coal block
  2. Not active iron block
  3. Not active gold block
  4. Not active diamond block
  5. Not active emerald block
  6. Not active redstone block
  7. Not active lapis block

7 dimension (portal frames with igniters)

  1. Coal igniter
  2. Iron igniter
  3. Gold igniter
  4. Diamond igniter
  5. Emerald igniter
  6. Redstone igniter
  7. Lapis igniter

29 recipes (21 crapting recipes and 8 smelting recipes)

1 creative tab

Doesn’t know how to start, follow these step:

  1. Craft some Not active coal with some stone and dirt.
  2. Craft at least 10 Not active coal block with Not active coal that you crafted
  3. Craft a coal igniter for light the coal portal
  4. Build a portal with Not active coal block.
  5. Light the portal with Coal Igniter.
  6. Go in and enjoy your first ore world.
  7. Craft and build more 6 dimension with the recipes that the mod given.

Install Ore World Mod 

  1. Install Minecraft forge
  2. Move the zip that you downloaded to %appdata%\.minecraft\mods [Don’t unzip]
  3. Enjoy your mod

Download Ore World Mod 

For 1.7.10


Author: NgKaaSheng

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