Opis Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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Opis Mod 1.7.10


This mod is a must-have for any server admin, as it will allow you to spot the chunks which are eating up your TPS, the worse tile entities or simply jump anywhere you want.


Commands :

  • /opis_start : Will start the profiler itself and collect data. This will impact your server performances a bit. Don’t let it run all the time on a live server.
  • /opis_stop : Will stop data collection.
  • /opis_delay <ticks> : Will define the delay between 2 data collections in ticks. If you are running on a live server with players, putting an higher value will reduce load from the profiler. For example, putting a value of 10 will collect data twice per second, while a value of 40, once every 2 seconds.
  • /opis_te : This will open a list of the 20 slowest TileEntities sorted by time. Clicking on a row will open the map, load the mean time overlay and select the corresponding chunk.
  • /opis_chunk : This will open a list of the 20 slowest chunks, sorted by time. Clicking will open and center the map on the chunk.

Map :
When the map is open (default M), you can choose the overlay by using the mousewheel on the overlay label, center top of the screen.

The loaded chunks overlay will display player loaded chunks in green and force loaded chunks in blue. The side panel will display the current tickets on the server.
Middle mouse click anywhere on the map will reveal this area.
Clicking on a ticket will center the map over the central chunk of the ticket.
Clicking again will teleport the player to this location.

The mean time overlay will display the chunks with TEs and update time. Colors range from blue to red, with blue being ok, red being bad.
If you middle mouse click any colored chunk, it will open a side panel with the list of TEs. As for the chunks, clicking the list once will center the map, and twice, teleport you.
Once you teleported, the block you selected should be highlighted in red for easy spotting.

Known Problems

  • A ticket can cover many chunk loaders. Centering and teleportation might result in strange behavior.
  • My tableview widget do not like resizing. If you change the window size with a tableview open, close it and reopen it.


Installation Opis Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

You will have to download both MobiusCore 1.0.4 and Opis 1.1.0_Alpha. Those are available in the download section.

Copy both in your mods directory as usual, on the client and the server. You are not required to distribute the client side to your users, unless you want them to have access to the loaded chunk map.

If you are using MapWriter already, REMOVE IT. I’m providing my own modified version along with Opis. If you have both installed at the same time, you will get an error when you start the game. Don’t complain, you have been warned.

Most of the fonctionnalities are only accessible if you are an admin, so be sure to OP yourself.


[ v1.2.5_1.7.10 ]

  • Counting array is no longer requesting world access on unload, preventing chunks from unloading properly


  • Redesign of the tabbing. Each data gathering is in a tab inside categories for easier access.
  • Added deeper network profiling. The network tab now shows the type of packet/channel and some other data.
  • Added ping measurement. This will compute the round trip + data processing.
  • Added rendering handlers client side.
  • Added event profiling server & client side.
  • Added a tool to detect orphaned and duplicated TileEntities.
  • Added cumulative stats for Entities and TileEntities timing.
  • Added list of TileEntities (doesn’t require timing data).
  • Massive network optimization. Data is send on request only and all strings are cached, providing a massive reduction in data transfered.
  • Large refactoring of some areas, too many to list.

Can’t even remember what I added changed in this version. This is more or less a full rewrite of the interface, a global bugfixing and an inclusion of most requests out there.

This should be considered the beginning of a new age for Opis.




MobiusCore 1.1.0

  • Added hooks for packets.
  • Added hooks for server tick.
  • Added hooks for world tick.
  • Added timestamping of the runs.
  • Added AT for loaded chunks.

Ho, and btw, here is one entry of the huge changelog :

  • Removed Alpha Tag.

Download Opis Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

For 1.7.10


Old version


MobiusCore 1.7.10 (v1.2.5)


For 1.7.2


For 1.6.4


Old version




MobiusCore 1.6.4 (v1.0.4)


Author: ProfMobius

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