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OP-Craft – One Piece Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2


OP-Craft – One Piece Mod 1.7.2

OP-Craft Mod combines the Anime/Manga “One Piece” and Minecraft. The Mod will implement Devil Fruits, Weapons, Food and other Stuff for the One Piece Universe.

Note: This Mod will include stuff from the current Japanese Anime/Manga.









OP-Craft Mod

How to install OP-Craft Mod for Minecraft:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download OP-Craft Mod
  • Go to your “.minecraft” folder
  • Open the downloaded archive
  • Drag and Drop the 2 Folders (assets, mods) into your .minecraft folder
  • Start your Minecraft and choose at “Profils:” Forge then click on “Play”



  • Added Base for Skill System
  • Added Icons to: Gum-Gum, Mera-Mera, Ope-Ope, Hie-Hie- Added “3D Icons” to: Hito-Hito, Ushi-Ushi
  • Added Monster Chopper Model- Added Santoryu(3 Sword Style)(Highly WIP)- Added Gear2, Gear3 (Highly WIP)
  • Added Ushi Ushi no Mi: Model: Giraffe- Added Yomi Yomi no Mi
  • Added Highly WIP Tab
  • Added Cloth Tab- Added Cloth for the Strawhat Crew- Added Kabuto
  • Added Perfect Klimatact
  • Added Kairoseki Function
  • Added 3D-ItemRenderer for Snail, Transponder Snail, Boat, Striker…
  • Added “WORK IN PROGRESS” and “WITHOUT FUNCTION” Infomation to some Items
  • Added Base for Class/Race System(You have to change something in the opcraft.cfg to use it)
  • Added Rumbleball Function- 1. Rumbleball: Choose between the forms- 2. Rumbleball: Switch random between the forms- 3. Rumbleball: Monster Chopper
  • Added a few Attacks.
  • Balanced Sword Damage
  • Balanced Cloth Durability
  • Now you die also in creative if you eat 2 devil fruits
  • Change Textures for: Wado-Ichi-Monji, Kitetsu, Shuusui, Steel, Clima-Tact, Yoru, Soul Solid, Kiribachi, Jitte, Crocodiles Hook, Laws Sword, Mera Mera no Mi- Right click with swords, hook, etc switch between sword and sword sheath
  • Removed Texture for Snail, Transponder Snail, Boat, Striker…- Removed some spawneggs
  • Fixed OP-Craft Inventory
  • Fixed SMP Support


For 1.7.2


OP-Craft – One Piece Mod 1.6.4


OP-Craft – One Piece Mod 1.6.2

OP-Craft – One Piece Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2


  • Creator, Coding, Texturing: IamStrohhut
  • Creator, Coding, Texturing, Modeling: neotheghost
  • Texturing: DjLudacris (PM)
  • Modeling, Testing, Balancing: olenkarhu

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