NuiCraft Mod 1.7.2

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NuiCraft Mod 1.7.2

This mod currently contains:

  • Kanohi Kakama: A mask that makes you faster while on the groud
  • Kanohi KauKau: A mask that lets you stay underwater indefinitely
  • Kanohi Miru: Grants Levitation! (but you are slow.)
  • Kanohi Hau: WIP – Grants Resistance when worn
  • Kanohi Akaku: WIP
  • Kanohi Pakari: Grants Strength II and Mining Speed II when worn
  • Kanohi Ignika: Gives you 10 extra health, and heals you slowly
  • Kanoka of Teleportation: That teleports the mob/player hit to a random area in a certian proximity
  • Kanoka of Reconstitue at Random: That transforms the hit mob into another one! (or if player, gives damage)
  • Lightstone Ore: The rare ore which provides lightstones.
  • Protodermis Ore: The not-so-rare ore which provides Protodermis Bits.
  • Lightstone: Can be placed as bright shining lightstones.
  • Protodermis Bits/Orbs: Basic crafting Material
  • ToaSeal: Unbreakable see-through material.
  • NuvaCube: WIP – A currently Unused Block
  • Mata Nui Stone: A Nostalgic decorative stone.
  • Makuta Stone: A Nostalgic decorative stone.
  • Mask Forge: WIP – Make a Kanohi Kakama with the 2 discs available!



  • Removed most Staffs/Swords (Temporary)
  • Changed the way masks work/powers
  • Fixed Makuta/Mata Nui Stones
  • Updated to 1.7.2

Download NuiCraft Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

Author: Kickflip147

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