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No Creeper Explosions Mod 1.7.2


No Creeper Explosions Mod 1.7.2







Installation No Creeper Explosions Mod 1.7.2

Note: It is 99% mojang’s Code!
Note: When installed on client and server, the server needs it installed to stop explosions but the client only needs it to render none of the creeper effects. When only the client has it and playing on the server without the mod the client does not render the creeper getting bigger but the explosion happens. When on single player with the mod it acts like on the server when both installed on client and server!

Client Instructions!

1. Download This Mod (client side)
2. Download the minecraft launcher
3. Run Minecraft 1.7.2 at least once
4. press the windows key + r
5. put %appdata% in the open box
6. press ok
7. open to .minecraft
8. open to versions
9. copy the 1.7.2 folder
10. paste the 1.7.2 folder
11. rename the 1.7.2 folder to 1.7.2NCE
12. open 1.7.2NCE
13. rename 1.7.2.jar to 1.7.2NCE.jar
14. rename 1.7.2.json to 1.7.2NCE.json
15. Open 1.7.2NCE.json and change “id”: “1.7.2”, to “id”: “1.7.2NCE”,
16. save and close 1.7.2NCE.json
17.get a archiver that can handle .jar files (eg. win rar)
18. open 1.7.2NCE.jar with the archiver
19. Extract the files from No Creeper Explosions 1.7.2 Client.zip
20. put the files from No Creeper Explosions 1.7.2 Client.zip into 1.7.2NCE.jar
21. Open the minecraft launcher
22. click new profile
23. Name the profile 1.7.2NCE
24. Select the release 1.7.2NCE
25. Click ok
26. Launch the profile 1.7.2NCE
27. You have successfully installed No Creeper Explosions 1.7.2 Client-Side

Server Instructions!

1. Download this mod (server side)
2. Download the Minecraft 1.7.2 server side (.jar file)
3. Get a archiver that can handle .jar files (eg. win rar)
4. Open the server file with the archiver
5. extract the files from No Creeper Explosions 1.7.2 Client.zip
6. Put the files from No Creeper Explosions 1.7.2 Client.zip into the server .jar
7. Close the archiver
8. Run the minercraft server.
9. Mod server-side successfully Installed!

Download No Creeper Explosions Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2





Credits: Clellan2451

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