Never Say Nether Mod 1.7.10

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Never Say Nether Mod 1.7.10

Never Say Nether is a new mod centered on making items available only in the Nether or End available in the Overworld by means transforming items into new items with Daedalean Dust or Daedalean Quartz.

To get started, head out mining and don’t forget your iron pick!! Go down deep to find some Daedalean Ore. Collect some dust and start transforming things!!

The dust can make things like:

Daedalean Block – which acts like a glowstone block and emits light. Make it by combining 4 daedalean dust in the crafting table just like glowstone.

Daedalean Quartz – can be made by cooking daedalean dust in a furnace.

Daedalean Quartz Block – can be made by combining 4 daedalean quartz in a crafting table just like quartz.

By utilizing these three ingredients, we can make all sorts of things!!

Overworld recipes added:

Wool + dust = 4 string

Rotten Flesh + dust = Leather

8 Wheat + dust = Slime Ball (dust in the middle)

Convert all that cobble into various items: dirt, sand, gravel (make a circle in the crafting grid with 4 cobble and 4 dust or quartz alternating them)

Converts some dirt into mycelium or clay the same way

Make snow or ice by combining  4 dust with a water bucket. (diamond shaped or corners)

Surround a piece of dust with 8 iron to make a piece of gold.

4 gold and 4 dust will make a diamond. (dust in the corners)

1 diamond surrounded by dust will make an emerald.

4 dust and 4 logs will make 1 obsidian. (dust in the corners)

Nether recipes added

1 dust = 1 glowstone dust

1 dust and a mushroom(brown or red) = netherwart

1 dust and 1 sand = 1 soul sand

1 daedalean quartz = 1 quartz

1 bone + 4 dust(diamond shaped) = 1 blaze rod

1 bone meal + 4 dust(diamond shaped) = 1 blaze powder

4 cobble + 4 dust(cobble in the corners) = 4 netherrack

1 block of diamond + 4 diamonds(corners) + 4 daedalean quartz blocks = 1 nether star

End recipes added

1 dust + 1 sandstone = 1 end stone

1 slime ball(center) + 4 dust(corners) + 4 iron = 1 ender pearl

1 diamond block(center) + 4 daedalean quartz blocks(corners) + 4 obsidian = 1 dragon egg

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For 1.7.10

Author: 00debbie71

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