Mystical Trinkets Mod 1.7.2

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Mystical Trinkets Mod 1.7.2

This mod uses the Baubles API from Azanor.

This mods adds Amulets, Belts and rings that give you potion effects when worn.
It also adds a new ore, Mystical Ore, it spawns below y=64 and is a bit rare.
along with Mystical Ore it also adds: Mystical Ingots, Mystical Sword, Mystical Pickaxe, Mystical Axe, Mystical Shovel and Mystical Block.

Right now the Rings that the mod adds are:

  • The Mystical Ring: Used as a crafting reagent.
  • The Fire Resistance Ring: Will put you out if you are on fire, however if you stand in lava/fire you will take damage.
  • The Lava Swimming Ring: Gives you Fire Resistance.
  • The Night Vision Ring: Gives you Night Vision.
  • The Hunger Ring: Gives the wearer the hunger effect .*disabled by default*
  • The Auto-Clicking Ring: Swings the hand rapidly. *disabled by default*

Right now the Amulets that the mod adds are:

  • The Mystical Amulet: Used as a crafting reagent.
  • The Water Breathing Amulet: lets you breath under water.
  • The Witherless Amulet: Will stop you from getting the withering effect.
  • The Absorption Ring:  Gives the wearer an absorption buff.

Right now the Belts that the mod adds are:

  • The Speed Belt: Gives you a constant speed buff.
  • The Jumping Belt: Gives you a constant Jump boost buff.
  • The Steeping Belt: Lets you walk up 1 block as if you were on a horse.
  • The Clipping Belt: Lets the wearer clip through blocks, now a creative only item

Download Mystical Trinkets Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

Author: jaredlll08

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