Multiverse Plugin 1.7.2/1.4.5

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Multiverse Plugin 1.7.2

Multiverse was created at the dawn of Bukkit multiworld support. It has since then grown into a complete world management solution including special treatment of your nether worlds with Multiverse NetherPortals

In the second delivery of Multiverse, we’ve broken it up into several smaller plugins that are each feature packed but not bloated! Multiverse provides the easiest to use world management solution for your Minecraft server, big or small, and with great addons like Portals and NetherPortals, what’s not to love!

Multiverse is back, and works for the latest server build! Is your server, a Multiverse?

MV2 Core Features

  • Create multiple worlds of different types, seeds and with Custom Generators
  • Keep your skylands using a custom generator (MV 2.2+)
  • Set the mode per world (creative or survival)
  • Create Multiverse Portals to let users go between other portals, worlds, or locations
  • Restrict users from going to specific worlds by using permissions
  • SuperPerms API Permissions support
  • Economy Support!
  • Show which users are in what worlds with /mv who
  • Color your worlds when the appear in chat!
  • Custom world Aliases. (leave your folder names alone! use an Alias!)
  • Restrict Animal/Monster Spawning. Per animal/monster! (Why hello creeper world!)
  • World scaling with NetherPortals
  • Conserve memory by having some worlds NOT keep their spawn chunks loaded!
  • Fantastic in-game help just use /mvh SEARCH
  • Support for worlds with spaces!
  • Purge all those unwanted animals/monsters from your world!
  • Perform all per-world modifications with in-game commands! Stop getting those YAML errors!
  • [[
  • Teleport yourself and others to any Multiverse Destination
  • Wikiwiks!

Features if you want to add Multiverse-Portals

  • Restrict users from using specific portals using permissions.
  • Charge users to use specific portals!
  • Exempt users from portal fees.
  • Launch users through the air when they enter a Multiverse Portal!
  • Allow minecarts/boats through Multiverse Portals

Features if you install Multiverse-NetherPortals

  • Allow a nether per real world!
  • Let nether portals built in a world go to a specific world
  • Custom World Scaling when using NetherPortals! (All types of worlds, normal, skylands and nether supported! Even Custom generators!)

Information Collection

To see what information this plugin may collect and send out from your server click here

What is an Awesome Build?

You can think of this like Bukkit’s RB system, but we don’t want to create confusion, so instead of calling ours a Recommended Build also, we’re going with “Awesome Build” or AB. Awesome Builds are ones that we’ve put some more testing into, and should be very stable. Unfortunately, due to lack of developers able to work on the Multiverse suite, and the inability to achieve the normal Awesome Build quality level, we have discontinued our Awesome Builds until further notice. Our beta builds available on this site are fairly stable so don’t disregard them!

Download Multiverse Plugin 1.7.2/1.4.5

For 1.7.2

For 1.4.5


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