Movecraft Reloaded Mod 1.8

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Movecraft Reloaded Mod

Brief Description

Movecraft is a plugin that allows you to build and pilot amazing Ships, Vehicles, Submarines, or Zeppelins. It allows the player and/or players to craft Vessels out of blocks that can be piloted and thus moved. Hence the name MoveCraft. This page is dedicated to Loraxe42’s (AKA BaccaYarro’s) fork of AJCStriker’s reboot of the original Movecraft plugin by Yogoda. Got all that? Yeah, anyway, it performs the same basic function as the original, except it’s roughly 6x faster (and counting), supports lots of cool new features like sinking ships, torpedoes, submersibles, fuel consumption, cruise control, direct control and more every version.



Methods of Control / Command Signs

Movecraft supports multiple methods of controlling your craft so you can customize it to your needs. Supported control methods include:

  1. Pilot Tool and Command Signs
  2. Direct Control (player’s movements move the craft)
  3. Sign-Only controls
  4. Commands for specific tasks

Customization Features

The plugin supports the following advanced features which you can add or modify on your server or crafts if you wish:
* Language Localization
* Compatibility mode for different CraftBukkit or MineCraft versions
* Pilot tool customization
* Customized sinking behavior if crafts become damaged, including smoke, uncontrollable dives, and explosions on impact
* Altitude limitations
* Water based craft that can dive below the waves, fly in the sky, or both
* Customizable cruising speeds
* Crafts that can teleport, or move a set amount of blocks in any direction
* Optional fuel burning behavior at customizable rates
* Direct Control, where the player controls the craft directly instead of by right clicking the pilot tool

Download Movecraft Reloaded Mod

For 1.8

Author: loraxe42

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