Morecreeps & Weirdos Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

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  • MINECRAFT FORGE version 3.3.7 or later

Install Morecreeps & Weirdos Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Copy the contents of the FORGE archive to your Minecraft.jar
  2. Copy CustomMobSpawner zip to your mods directory
  3. Copy the contents of MoreCreepsv2.59 archive to your .minecraft folder







  • ADDED: Raging Bull who turns crazy if provoked. Drops Bull Roast to feast on and Raging Bull Hides to craft armor with
  • ADDED: Slot Machines which you can play to win big cash prizes! You can also throw an Old Lady on there to generate income while you adventure elsewhere
  • ADDED: Old Lady who wanders around babbling about this and that. She can also be given a piggy-back ride and thrown onto a Slot Machine
  • ADDED: Lucky Dress which you can craft with flowers and wool. Put it on an Old Lady to give her good luck and keep her from despawning
  • ADDED: Rage Armor which can be crafted from Raging Bull Hides
  • ADDED: Pet Radio 5000 which gathers all Guinea Pigs and HotDogs in 150 block radius on your head
  • FIXED: Ponies will now stay properly without looking like they have Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
  • FIXED: Prisoners invulnerablilty revoked. Player given a pardon
  • FIXED: Feeding a tamed rocket giraffe will cause the “<ROCKETGIRAFFENAME> has been tamed!” to appear over and over
  • FIXED: Only attacking Castle Guards and Cavemen will swing their hammers and clubs at you
  • FIXED: Redstone power-ups are infinite
  • FIXED: Picking up a Kid with a passenger results in a totem pole of passengers
  • FIXED: The achievements Ice cream dream, Crushed Ice, and shaken, not stirred appear twice
  • FIXED: Single-hit, mental attacks from HotDogs outlawed
  • FIXED: Undead Lawyers not doing their jobs
  • FIXED: Caveman voices adjust properly when using Grow and Shrink Rays
  • FIXED: Everlasting evil light from Evil Scientist towers
  • FIXED: Evil Scientists despawning during experiments
  • FIXED: Blorps will now attack each other again for no reason other than being a Blorp
  • FIXED: Hunchback Skeletons will not attack pets
  • FIXED: Evil Scientists have been banned from experimenting in Hotdog Heaven
  • TWEAK: Hunchback Skeletons will last longer
  • TWEAK: Some foods now restore hunger instead of health
  • TWEAK: Removed redstone charging and attack from Ponies
  • TWEAK: Double chest added in prison to accomodate shopaholic guests
  • TWEAK: No free lunch with Undead Lawyers
  • TWEAK: Burning Preachers will explode fewer eardrums
  • TWEAK: Guinea Pig leveling a bit easier. Remember to train your pigs for faster leveling
  • TWEAK: Reduced the range of the Guinea Pig Radio to compensate for new product on the market
  • TWEAK: Pet names hidden when mounted. The Pet Radio 5000 prefers them this way.
  • TWEAK: Limited number of BigBabies that can be birthed in the world

Download Morecreeps & Weirdos Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

For 1.2.5

Author: freakstritch


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