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More Nether Ores Mod 1.7.10


More Nether Ores Mod 1.7.10

This mod adds new ores in nether: 

  • Netherrum ore, 
  • Nether metal ore, 
  • Collium ore (drops 1-2 collium), 
  • Lava coal ore (drops lava coal), 
  • Nether diamond ore (drops nether diamond) (rare), 
  • Nether gem ore (drops nether gem), 
  • Fire emeral ore (drops fire emerald) (rare), 
  • Blue orb ore (drops 1-4 blue orbs),
  • Idhill ore, 
  • Qaulz ore, 
  • Hellum ore, 
  • Hell clay “ore” (drops 4x hell clay)

Ores drops XP. 
You get XP for smelting. 

Some blocks: 

  • Block of netherrum (crafting like other minerals blocks for example diamond block), 
  • Block of nether diamond (crafting like other minerals blocks for example diamond block), 
  • Block of nether gem (crafting like other minerals blocks for example diamond block), 
  • Lava coal torch (lights some more than coal torches), 
  • Netherrum button (works same as vanilla buttons), 
  • Nether gem button (works same as vanilla buttons), 
  • Hell bricks, 
  • Nether TNT (works same as vanilla TNT)

Some tools: 

  • Netherrum tool set, 
  • Nether metal tool set, 
  • Nether diamond tool set, 
  • Nether gem tool set, 
  • Idhill tool set, 
  • Qaulz tool set, 
  • Hellum tool set, 
  • Lava coal & nether metal (works same as flint and steel, 2x more uses than flint and steel), 

Some materials: 

  • Netherrum ingot (fuel, 11 items), 
  • Nether metal ingot,
  • Lava coal (fuel, 10 items, you can use Lava coal to ignite like flint & steel), 
  • Collium (fuel, 5 items),
  • Nether diamond, 
  • Nether gem, 
  • Fire emerald (fuel, 9 items),
  • Blue orb. 
  • Idhill ingot, 
  • Qaulz ingot, 
  • Hellum ingot, 
  • Hell clay, 
  • Hell brick, 
  • Orb of Explosion, 

And 2 armor sets: 

  • Nether metal armor set, 
  • Nether diamond armor set, 

Languages supported: 

  • English (UK + US), 
  • Polish, 











How to install More Nether Ores Mod 1.7.10

  1. Download and install minecraft forge 
  2. Download Nether Ores mod. 
  3. Put mod files in .minecraft/mods. IMPORTANT Don’t unzip!!! 
  4. Run minecraft. 
  5. Enjoy!!! 

Download More Nether Ores Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: GoodMiner

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