More Enderpearls Mod 1.6.4

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More Enderpearls Mod 1.6.4

What this mod has in it: 

  • Deadly Ender Pearls: Kills anything they touch
  • Explosive Ender Pearls: Creates an explosion were the enderpearl lands(explosion doesn’t damage you)
  • Harmless Ender Pearls: Doesn’t hurt you when teleporting
  • Ender Skeletons: Teleport around and shoot you, drop enderpearls and arrows.

Special Features: 

  • New Creative Tabs
  • Put an explosive Ender Pearl in a crafting bench to configure wether it explodes(It says if explosion is on or off in the description)
  • Make Enderpearls Harmless

How to make the enderpearls: 

  • Deadly: Enderpearl + 4 bones
  • Explosive: Enderpearl + gunpowder
  • Harmless:Any Enderpearl(Vanilla and mod) + Feather

NEW! Ender Swords: 
They are as strong as iron swords, but last longer and allow you to teleport 
Crafting: Enderpearl + Enderpearl + Enderbone(rare drop from enderskeleton) 
You can also make them Harmless by adding a feather to a UNDAMAGED Ender Sword, or by crafting it with Harmless Enderpearls. 

There are more ways to make Enderpearls harmless. Let’s say you make a harmless enderpearl, and wish you had made an explosive one instead. Well, add gunpowder to the harmless enderpearl, and you have an explosive ender pearl that is harmless! 

Download More Enderpearls Mod 1.6.4

For 1.6.4

Author: Beardielover

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