More Backpacks Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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More Backpacks Mod 1.7.2

Finally a backpack for every occasion!

This mod is an addon for Forestry, and adds a bunch of new backpacks, each on crafted just like the vanilla forestry ones.

The Backpacks!

  • Redstone Engineer’s Backpack – holds redstone dust, torches, repeaters, levers, buttons, and pressure plates. Special Item: Block of Redstone
  • Farmer’s Backpack – holds plant materials like seeds and wheat, as well as netherwart, cacti, reeds, and if you have Industrialcraft 2 installed, it holds seed bags, the cropnalizer, fertilizer and hydration cells. Special Item:Seeds
  • Survivalist’s Backpack – holds food! Lots of food! All cooked meats (not raw), bread, mushroom soup, apples, forestry honey pots, and if you have Industrialcraft 2, it can hold full and empty food cans, and if you have Thaumcraft 3 it can hold meat nuggets and the triple meat treat. Special Item: Cooked Porkchops
  • Artist’s Backpack – holds all dyes registered with Forge, decorative blocks such as wool, stone bricks, bricks, slabs, stairs, torches, lamps, glass, ect: Industrialcraft 2 painters, iron fence, scafold. Special Item: Yellow Dye
  • Magician’s Backpack – holds anything related to magic, from bottle o’ enchanting, enchanted books, to Thaumcraft 3 golems, jars, essences, wands and more. Special Item: Enchanted Books
  • Metallurgist’s Backpack – Hold (nearly) all metal nuggets, ingots, blocks, dusts, small dusts and plates. Special Item: Gold Ingot
  • Hydraulic Engineer’s Backpack – Holds all liquid containers registered with Forge, as well as liquid transport and storage devices. Special Item: Empty Buckets
  • Jewler’s Backpack – Holds any items from the Ore Dictionary that start with “gem” such and diamonds, emeralds, Redpower and Gregtech rubies, sapphires and others. Special Item: Emeralds
  • Logistical Engineer’s Backpack – Holds anything relating to item transport, from hoppers, rails and carts to Buildcraft Pipes.
  • Electrician’s Backpack – Holds anything related to energy or power, from MJ to EU. Special Item: If IC2 is installed it will be copper cables, if Buildcraft it will be gold power pipes and if neither it will be redstone dust.
  • Nuclear Engineer’s Backpack – REQUIRES Indusrtrialcraft 2: Holds all nuclear reactor components, as well as the reactor and reactor chambers. Can hold all GregTech reactor components as well. Special Item: Coolant cells
  • Programmer’s Backpack – REQUIRES ComputerCraft: Holds computers, cables floppy disks, turtles. Special Item: Cables


You MUST have Forestry installed first: Get Forestry Here.
Install Red Gear Core1.
Just toss the More Backpacks.jar into your mods folder.
In the config you can easily enable or disable any backpacks you like, and change the item ID’s if necessary.

1Must be version 2.0.2 or higher


What Are Scripts?

Scripts are text files that users can create that tell More Backpacks to add any item from any mod into any backpack from any mod. Scripts must be located in the “morebackpacks scripts” folder in the Minecraft config folder. There can be any number of scripts in this folder, and they can be shared among users.

How are scripts different than Forestry’s backpack configs?

They’re a lot better, for several reasons.

  1. Scripts don’t use the ID numbers, and instead use the item name. IDs change from user to user, but the item names are always the same, this way users can share scripts, but they can never share the Forestry configs.
  2. You can have any number of scripts in your script folder, and they will never conflict with one another, again making it a lot easier to write and share scripts or even script packs.
  3. Scripts are a lot easier to read and write than the Forestry configs.
  4. Scripts can easily allow adding a range of meta values, while Forestry configs do not.
  5. Scripts work for any backpack added by any mod, not just the Forestry ones.

How To Create Scripts

In the More Backpack config file, change “printItemRegistry” to true, then start Minecraft. More Backpacks will create a text file in the Minecraft root called “Chemcraft ItemRegistry.txt” inside here you’ll find a huge list of every used block and item ID in the game and the name of the item with that Id.

You’ll also need the names of the backpacks. Use the More Backpacks config for the correct names, and Forestry’s for it’s. Scripts can also work for any backpack from any mod, but you’ll have to figure out their names on your own.

Ok, now it’s time to actually get around to writing the script itself.
Open a text editor (like notepad)

The basic syntax for an item is as such


Where each thing in <> should be a value. For example, the following code adds all 16 colors of wool to the artist’s backpack

And that’s all it really takes to get started.

Now, to delve deeper. Because whitespace, (spaces, new lines, tabs) are never used, they are completely ignored by the interpreter, meaning that

[email protected]
tile. cloth:


Is just as valid as the code above it, although not as readable.

The next thing to learn is that it is not necessary to define the meta’s each time. If one number is left blank, it is assumed to be zero. So,

is also valid, because the lack of a number between the colon and the dash is assumed to be a zero. In fact, you don’t even need that dash if the first number is zero, so

is ALSO valid.

If the second number is zero then only the item with exactly the first number is added, so

Will only add Magenta wool to the artist’s backpack.

And finally, if both numbers are zero then the item is added with ANY meta, so

will add all the wool colors to the artist’s backpack.

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff to remember, but hold on, there are a few more things to cover. Each time the semi-colon is encountered, the item is added and the saved meta values are cleared, but the backpack name and item name will remain until overwritten, so it’s possible to define multiple metas for one item without rewriting the item name, and it’s possible to add multiple items to a backpack or multiple backpacks for an item.

 [email protected]:1-;2-;4-;

This code will add Orange, Magenta and Yellow wool to that artist’s backpack. and

 [email protected]:;;

will add both wool and glass to the artist’s backpack and

will add all colors of wool to both the artist and builder’s backpacks.

Just a few more things.
Anything on the same line following a # is ignored. So

[email protected] #this line is a comment

Anything on the same line following a ‘!’ will be printed to the debug log.

Any special character following a ‘\’ will be treated as a normal character. So

 [email protected]

The colon following the \ will NOT be treated as a colon but as just part of the item’s name.

The { and } characters are optional characters that allow you to have blocks of code that only work if certain mods are installed. So

[email protected]

the code inside the { and } will only be run if mod Id MagicBees is installed. If it’s not, it will skip the whole block. This is optional since anything not found would just be ignored anyway, but it will keep the debug log clean of anything to used.

Finally the $ can be used to erase all of these values from memory, so

will ignore the artist as well as the fdsf. I’m not sure if this will ever actually be needed, and it shouldn’t, but it could be used to help prevent errors.

Ok, now that you’ve written your script, it’s time to test it.
First, go into the Chemcraft Core config and set “debugmode” = true
Do the same for the More Backpacks config. Sorry, but that’s how it works.
Then save your script in the “morebackpacks scripts” folder inside the Chemcraft config folder. It doesn’t matter what you name it, but it should be descriptive and it MUST have a “.txt” extension.

Start Minecraft. If you have MultiMC or the FTB launcher you can watch the log, but it’s not needed.
After Minecraft starts, open up the Minecraft Forge Log in your text editor. Search for “debug” and keep going until you find the ones created by Chemcraft|Core or Chemcraft|MoreBackpacks.
Anytime Core encounters an item it couldn’t find, will will log it with the message “Can’t find item with name: ” and then the unknown item name.
If More Backpacks can’t find a backpack name, it will log that with the message “BackpackFiller Can’t Find Backpack: ” and then the unknown backpack name.

If you don’t see any debug messages from your scripts, go into the game and manually test just to be sure.

Everything working good? Excellent, then you’re done! Now you’re free to play with your new script, or you can share it with friends. If you’re really proud of it, then post it here or PM me about it. I’m thinking of building a big script-pack people can download right here on this thread, and I’ll give due credit to anyone who helps write scripts for it.

How To Use Scripts

Assuming someone else already wrote the script, all you have to do to install it is place the text file into the “morebackpacks scripts” folder located inside your Chemcraft config folder.

That’s it.

You can have any number of scripts here, and they can never conflict with one another.

Have fun!

What Happens when two backpacks hold the same thing?

Forestry already handles this, since it is possible to have two of the same backpack. What happens is first it will look at your hot bar, and fill any backpacks from left to right. So if your hot bar has a miners and a redstone backpack, it will put any redstone into the left-most. If your hot bar has no backpack space, it will go to the top row of your inventory and fill from left to right, and then down to the next row and so on.

Hopefully this picture will help make it clearer.

Download More Backpacks Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

For 1.7.10

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2

Author: LordBlackHole


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