Mob Spawn Controls Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

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Mob Spawn Controls Mod 1.7.2

This mod is a rewrite of my Mob Spawn Controls mod. Like the previous version, it allows the user to control/edit the vanilla minecraft mob spawning via configuration files and/or an in-game GUI.


Config Format
Spoiler (click to show)
Your Vanilla config may look like this

# Mob Spawn Controls Configuration for "Vanilla"
# Creature Type Configuration
# Biome Groupings
&Test=+Vanilla.DesertHills,+Vanilla.Desert,+Vanilla.Extreme Hills,+Vanilla.Extreme Hills Edge,+Vanilla.Beach
# Spawn Settings

? denotes a variable:

  • ReadOnly – (true/false) If true, MSC2 will make no changes to this file
  • ItemWeight – (int) Default item weight for entity entries with no () given
  • MinCount – (int) Default Min Count for entity entries with no () given
  • MaxCount – (int) Default Max Count for entity entries with no () given

~creatureType are creature type groups

  • monster – Monster creature type (i.e. Zombie, Creeper)
  • creature – Friendly creature type (i.e. animals)
  • ambient – Background/Cave type (i.e. bat)
  • waterCreature – Water creature type (i.e. squid)
  • UNKNOWN – Mobs who cannot be classified go here

& denotes a declaration of a biome group

  • The format is &GroupName=+Biome1,+Biome2,+GroupA,-BiomeInA
    • The “+” means ADD the biome, “-” means REMOVE the biome
    • You can can use Biomes by their name
    • You can use groups by their name as long as they have been declared before this one
  • Group names are case insensitive
    • Two groups cannot have the same case insensitive name
    • Group names can only contain letters and numbers
    • Group name cannot be “Master” (reserved for master settings)
  • You can also use * at the beginning of the group to denote ALL biomes
    • &All=*
    • &Snow=+Snow1,+Snow2
    • &NoSnow=+ALL,-Snow OR &NoSnow=*,-Snow

Install Mob Spawn Controls Mod 1.7.2

  1. Run the Forge installer (it’s a jar file, so you might need to right click it ->Open with… -> Java Platform Binary)
  2. Place the file into your mods folder
  3. Place the file (this mod) into your mods folder

Download Mob Spawn Controls Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

Author: Davidee

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