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Mo’ Shiz Mod

Mo’ Shiz Mod Is a mod that adds tons of new ores, blocks, tools, armor, crops, food, and much more. Basically what I plan on doing with the mod is to make it be able to be an all in one mod. New updates all the time. I still have a lot of ideas for this mod, so download it and test it out if you would like, if you have any issues, post below in a comment, and I’ll do my best to resolve it. ProfitOrange

This Mod Add

  • As of v1.37
  • 37 Tool Sets
  • 32 Armor Sets
  • 36 Stairs
  • 35 Fences
  • 31 New Ores
  • 29 New Foods
  • 4 New Shears
  • 4 New Crops
  • 16 Colored Sand Blocks
  • 16 Colored Glass Blocks
  • 16 Colored Glass Fences
  • 16 Colored Glass Stairs
  • 16 Colored Wooden Planks
  • 16 Colored Stone
  • 16 Colored Cobblestone
  • 4 New Fuels
  • 2 New Bows

Change log


  • more tool class clean up
  • added Jade tools
  • added Mythril tools
  • added Netherrack tools
  • added Obsidian tools
  • added Olivine tools
  • added Onyx tools
  • added Platinum tools
  • added Quartz tools
  • added Redstone tools
  • added Ruby tools
  • added tool crafting


  • added crafting for the 10 fences added in v1.63
  • cleaned up some code in tool classes
  • minor clean up in armor classes
  • minor clean up in shears class
  • added Copper tools
  • added Demonite tools
  • added Emerald tools
  • added Hellfire tools
  • added Ice tools
  • added Endstone armor
  • added Glass armor
  • added Glowstone armor
  • added Hellfire armor
  • added Ice armor
  • when wearing all pieces of the Hellfire armor, a fire protection potion effect is applied
  • added Diamond shears
  • added Golden shears
  • added Obsidian shears
  • added Onyx shears
  • added shears crafting
  • added tool crafting
  • added armor crafting


  • updated to Minecraft Forge 1.7.2
  • began recoding everything
  • fixed XP drops so they drop a reasonable amount
  • added all 31 ores
  • added gem block counter parts
  • added the drops for all ore blocks
  • added smelting for all blocks
  • added crafting for all block
  • began work on ID config
  • added original 4 fuels
  • added Mo’ Shiz Creative Tab
  • added new fuel Uranium Block
  • added new fuel Amazonite Block
  • added new fuel Citrine Block
  • added new fuel Olivine Block
  • added nether spawning for Hellfire Ore
  • added Nether Gold Ore
  • added Nether Iron Ore
  • added Nether Coal Ore
  • added Nether Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • added Nether Diamond Ore
  • added Nether Emerald Ore
  • added Nether Redstone Ore
  • added Topaz Tools and shrunk it down to one class
  • added Ruby Tools and shrunk it down to one class
  • added Amethyst Tools and shrunk it down to one class
  • added Copper Tools and shrunk it down to one class
  • added Bronze Tools and shrunk it down to one class
  • added Trio Tools and shrunk it down to one class
  • added Trio Armor
  • added Copper Armor
  • added Uranium Armor
  • added Emerald Armor
  • added Amethyst Armor
  • added Ice Armor
  • added all food items


  • fixed Blush wool name by removing “Test” from it
  • added a welcome message and Mo’ Shiz version to appear, showing only to the connecting user
  • began work on chat modifications, commands, and help list
  • fixed Strawberry name
  • added Wild Corn
  • added Wild Onion
  • added Wild Strawberry
  • added Wild Tomato
  • added Wild Lettuce
  • added Wild Raspberry
  • added Wild Rice


  • lowered some tools max damage, efficiency, damage, and enchantability to make it more fair
  • added 16 new colored wool
  • added 123 crayon colored wool
  • added regeneration potion to bacon armor
  • added Lettuce crops
  • added Lettuce
  • added Lettuce seeds
  • added Raspberry crops
  • added Raspberry
  • added Raspberry seeds
  • added Rice crops
  • added Rice
  • added Rice seeds


  • added the ability to craft colored Stone Bricks by placing corresponding colored Stone in a 4 x 4 square
  • added Black bricks
  • added Red bricks
  • added Green bricks
  • added Brown bricks
  • added Blue bricks
  • added Purple bricks
  • added Cyan bricks
  • added Light Grey bricks
  • added Grey bricks
  • added Pink bricks
  • added Light Green bricks
  • added Yellow bricks
  • added Light Blue bricks
  • added Magenta bricks
  • added Orange bricks
  • added White bricks


  • adding smelting colored CobbleStone will give you the corresponding colored Stone
  • added breaking colored Stone will drop the corresponding colored CobbleStone
  • added Black stone brick
  • added Red stone brick
  • added Green stone brick
  • added Brown stone brick
  • added Blue stone brick
  • added Purple stone brick
  • added Cyan stone brick
  • added Light Grey stone brick
  • added Grey stone brick
  • added Pink stone brick
  • added Light Green stone brick
  • added Yellow stone brick
  • added Light Blue stone brick
  • added Magenta stone brick
  • added Orange stone brick
  • added White stone brick

Download Mo’ Shiz Mod

For 1.8

Old version

For 1.7.10

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

Old version


  • ProfitOrange
  • Blazemartin2323
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