Mo’ Bends Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2

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Mo’ Bends Mod

Knowns Bugs

  1. Holded items are sometimes going through your head.
  2. Your body sometimes comes out of the armor.
  3. Lack of guarding animation.

Upcoming improvements

  1. Guarding animation
  2. Swimming animation
  3. Improved bow shooting animation
  4. Animations for more mobs
  5. More animation presets



Install Mo’ Bends Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2

  1. Install the latest Forge for the version 1.7.2!
  2. Drag and drop the .jar file from the .zip file that you’ll download into the mods folder in your profile folder(default is %appdata%/.minecraft/mods)!
  3. Enjoy the mod!



0.20.1 for MC 1.7.10

  • Hopefully fixed Optifine compatibility!
  • New Axe Chopping animation.
  • New Mining Animation.
  • New Riding animation.
  • The placing/destroying blocks with blocks animation is no longer the attack animation. It is now the mining animation.
  • Improved Running animation
  • Improved Jumping animation
  • Wider and smoother sword trail.
  • New Spider model.
  • Spiders now have an idle and a walking animation.
  • Fixed visual compatibility with the Mine&Blade Battlegear 2 mod.
  • Fixed visual compatibility with the AdventureBackpack mod.
  • Fixed compatibility with lots of other visual mods.
  • Fixed cape placement.
  • Fixed username tag placement.
  • Fixed sprint jumping with one leg on mulitplayer bug.
  • Fixed crazy head spinning in the inventory menu.
  • Fixed clipping textures.

Download Mo’ Bends Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2

For 1.7.10

Old version

For 1.7.2

Old version

For 1.6.2

For 1.5.2

Author: Gobbob_Antyvirus

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