MLP and Mythical Creatures Mod

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

With Awesome Long-reaching swords, Health-giving armor, stuff that can cause ridiculously huge explosions, Flame-shooting bows and Other surprises!

Mod Reviews:

Some Mobs:


Most Tools are crafted with Blocks instead Of it’s Ingot

Phoenix Feathers = Phoenix Block

Twi QT Mark = Twi Block

AppleJack QT Mark = Apple Block(Sweet Delicious Tasty)

Weapon Special Abilities:

Apple Sword:

  • Puts All kinds of Slowness on Target

Apple Hoe:

  • Works over 5 x 5 area

Apple Armor:

  • Gives Knockback Resistance


  • Works best for caving.

Crag Hammer:

  • Launch Mobs!

Bowser Sword:

  • Insane Meteor Strike Ability!
  • Long attack Reach

Dash Sword:

  • Spam to Hit faster
  • Ignores Mob defense

Bowser Rod & Random Explosive Item:

  • Just Random and Explosive.

Dash Food:

  • Gives Insane Speed, Strength, Regen and Resistance

Twi Food:

  • Gives Jump boost, Night Vision and Totally OP Regen

Bone Wand & Mane 6:

  • Right click to Instantly Kill stuff
  • Creative Only

Twi Sword:

  • Summon Magic to Annihilate Life!
  • Very Long Reach
  • Right-Click mobs to steal health

Twi Bow:

  • Shoots Twi’s Cutie Mark, But you’ll need to get some First!

Phoenix Bow:

  • Shoots Using Blaze Rod.

Alicorn Sword:

  • EXTREME Long Reach
  • Being awesome

Dark Crystal:

  • Recipe for the Dark Crystal Set, Also a throwable Item.

Mavis Orb:

  • Throwable item

Luna Eclipse:

  • Summons Lightning, and Certain Spiky purple things

Mob Abilities:


Health: 750

Attack: 375

Defense: 23

  • Leaps unexpectedly
  • Launch Mobs
  • Drops Crag Scale on Death

Robot Thingy:

Health: 50

Attack: 88

Defense: 24 + Resistance 3

  • Easily Underestimated
  • Drops Robot Blocks

Black Widow Spider:

Health: 250

Attack: 980

Defense: 20

  • Very very Nasty Bites
  • Inflicts Extreme Poison


Health: 100

Attack: 12

Defense: 15

  • A bigger, badder Teddy bear
  • Drops Fur and Claw


Health: 80

Attack: 22

Defense: 18

  • Bites painful enough to send you flying
  • Minions of Rainbow Centipede


Health: 990

Attack: 55

Defense: 21

  • Gravity pulls and annihilates sea life
  • Overestimated


Health: 60

Attack: 24

Defense: 20

  • Dangerous Creatures capable of Turning ponies into Stone
  • Some Nasty stuff to begin with


Health: 375

Attack: 675

Defense: 19

  • Super Regeneration
  • Flying around, peace keeping

Rainbow Centipede:

Health: 950

Attack: 125

Defense: 22

  • Summons Baby centipedes
  • Shocking unexpected players


Health: 120

Attack: 22

Defense: 18

  • Fat and Chubby
  • Charges restlessly

Timber Wolves:

Health: 45

Attack: 18

Defense: 16

  • Howls and calls reinforcement, some really nasty moves.
  • Don’t mess with the pack!

Ursa Major:

Ursa Major Compared to Ursa Minor:

Ursa Minor Compared to ponies:

Health: 12750

Attack: 1650

Defense: 23

    • Seriously, he’s not that hard. A few clicks will do!
    • Cannot be killed with normal attacks
    • Overestimated


Health: 6

Attack: 1

Defense: 0

  • Being annoying

Baby Moose:

Health: 30

Attack: 5

Defense: 10

  • Don’t get fooled by it’s apperance, it’s got a nasty attitude!
  • Ramming into you like any moose.

Adult Moose:

Health: 60

Attack: 25

Defense: 16

  • Not Something you wanna mess with, Seriously.
  • Charges at pretty much everything.


Health: 450

Attack: 395

Ranged Attack: 345

Meteor Strike: 950

Defense: 23

  • Some serious boss to deal with, drops all kinds of awesome surprises!
  • Spawns lava all over the place, making a mess everywhere


Health: 675

Bite Damage: 475

Tail Swipe Damage: 325

Wing Flap Damage: 195

Fireball Damage: 950

Defense: 23

  • Lighting everything on fire, Creating explosions… A pretty nasty dragon in general.
  • Drops all sorts of goodies

Iron Will:

Health: 650

Attack: 225

Defense: 22

  • He’s strong, he’s big, he’s mean and he’s confident. Nothing can pierce though this guy… or maybe there is

Arctic Scorpion:

Health: 650

Attack: 225

Orbital Strike Damage: 2750

Defense: 24

  • Nasty Stings, Strong Pincers, Hard exoskeleton.
  • Devastating Orbital Strike ability(Lightning and sparkles)
  • Minions of The Windigo


Health: 550

Attack: 156

Defense: 22

  • Roars like crazy


Health: 2250

Attack: 475 – 1750 (Attack Multiplier)

Defense: 24

  • Heals near Water
  • Strengthened claws when Low on Health
  • Being Huge!!! (Not really)


Health: 4250

Normal Attack: 950

Stomp Damage: 650

Small Fireballs: 450

Huge Fireballs: 950

Random Explosions: 1850

Defense: 22

  • Fireballs, explosions and earthquakes
  • Drops wonderful amounts of loot!


Health: 9750

Attack: 2750 – 4250

Note: Attack damage multiplies when health is low

Magic Damage: 10/120/750/2750 Depending on mob size (Ignores defense)

Defense: 24

Tip: Use Twi Sword’s Special ability(Magic Orbs) to block out Windigo Magic

  • Uses Weakening spell when Health below 2500 (sets player health to 1)
  • Anti-Cheat (cannot be killed with steal health ability)
  • Summons Magic Orbs (Windigo Magic)
  • Freezes everything
  • Strikes lightning
  • Summons Arctic Scorpions



Hint: Their cutiemarks

Find it out yourself!

Planned Mobs

Install RoAssault Assault Rifle Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download the mod.
  3. Go to %appdata%.
  4. Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  5. If the “modsfolder does not exist you can create one.
  6. Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  7. Enjoy the mod.

Download RoAssault Assault Rifle Mod

For 1.7.10

For 1.6.4

MLP Mythical Creatures V1.1.6

Author: HurricaneSHLBHP

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