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MiscItemsAndBlocks Mod 1.7.10


MiscItemsAndBlocks Mod 1.7.10

MiscItemsAndBlocks is a mod which just adds alot of random items and blocks to game.


The recipe for the ingame guide book:

Install MiscItemsAndBlocks Mod 1.7.10

  1. Download and install the latest forge version that MiscItemsAndBlocks is compatible with (Turtorlal here)
  2. Run minecraft once with forge installed
  3. go into your .minecraft folder (Windows: %appdata%/.minecraft/mods Unix: ~/Library/Application Data/Minecraft)
  4. then go into the mods folder (if it is not one repeat step 1 and 2 if it still does not work create one)
  5. add MiscItemsAndBlocsk to the mods folder

Download MiscItemsAndBlocks Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: tm1990x

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