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Mini-Tools and More Mod 1.7.10


Mini-Tools and More Mod 1.7.10

Mini-Picks and More is a mod in early development that intends to add utility features to the early game, as well as materials to the late game.  For now, this mod only contains miniature pickaxes, thus the title Mini-Picks.  In the future, I plan to have a miniature version of all Minecraft tools for every material.  The pickaxes are crafted in the 2×2 crafting square or a crafting table by placing a stick in the bottom left corner, and the material of choice in the 2 adjacent corners(will be shown in images).  This will allow the player to create a pickaxe before making a crafting table, but one that is only half as durable as the default tool.  Also in the early game, this mod adds a berry plant that generates on grass.  When you harvest the berries, one can be turned into seed and planted on a grass block, or on farmland to grow twice as fast.  The berries give speed 1 for 15 seconds and heal 1.5 hunger.  For the middle late to late game, Mini-Picks and More adds an ore (Icosium) that is slightly worse than diamond.  The material has 1000 max uses and an efficiency of 9.5.  However,  if you craft an icosic gem(recipie in images) you can then craft it in to a Likynium Ingot.  This is yet another later game material that is stronger than diamond.  It has a max use count of 3500 and 11.5 efficiency.  Both of these materials also have armor.  The purpose of these materials is to expand goals beyond diamond, but at the same time not ignoring it, as it takes 2 diamonds per Likynium Ingot.  Eventually there will be more added plants, materials, and tools.

Mod Pictures:

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Author: Chucky_Von

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