Minefantasy Mod 1.6.4/1.5.2

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Minefantasy Mod 1.6.4

MineFantasy takes minecraft gameplay and spans out some of it’s elements to both give a wider gameplay experience and add a middle-aged progressive concept to it. The range of additions adds to aesthetics, buildings, crafting, smelting, hunting, PVP, trading, server community, and combat cunning. making preperation a great advantage to anything. Many elements are more hardcore now, and will require some thought, meaning the clumbsy all brawn players would fall to the more strategic ones.

Throughout gameplay survival. you will progress through the tech of the age. starting in the bare stone age. you will go in search for material until you’re set up with a solid setup of mainly steel, or iron. (steel and iron are 2 milestones in gameplay). The content not only adds aesthetics, but creation of these rooms and facilies are required to create other items. meaning your minecraft worlds would be needing additional projects to construct, from tanners, smithies, hound kennels, refineries, bloomeries, and so on… the wide range of equipment aims to require whole armouries with a loadout for each purpose. turning pvp especially into a tactical planned battle of cunning and battlefield advantages.

Survival Guide



Why just have perfect leather just drop from an animal; Hide is now dropped instead. The tanning process not only makes leather more abundant. but adds an interesting new process for everyday use. with a satisfying result of a few bits of leather from a simple cow skin

Why make flimsy old tools on a big wood block with tools painted on the side. with twigs and ingots? Forging is the way to make tools properly and with care. By hammering a block you can properly craft superior tools for your mining needs and find more valuable uses for these tools.

What’s all this experience junk and these petty little orbs wasting space. Runes make enchanting a breeze. and allow you to choose what you want.(they may suck now, but eventually thed be a more mystical way of obtaining these)

Just randomly shoving ore into a box of stone isn’t really interesting. no matter. there’s a larger range of propper smelters out. allowing the mixing of alloys into more tools, means of heating them for use and great refineries for realistically obtaining steel.

Armour System
The armour system in Minefantasy not only ranges in protection and durability; but suits are also categorised into Armour class. The armour class ranges in 4 tiers

Light: For everyday use(No penalty)
Medium: For traveling(Small penalty)
Heavy: For defense/heavy assault(Debilitating)
Plate: For Heavy Defense(Highly Debilitating)

The effects from heavier armours will slowly increase exhaustion, slow down speed, reduce knockback, and with some armours, disable sprinting.

Armours can also gain resistances to elemental effects set. including fire, frost, shock, arcana, corrosion and physical

Weapon Bonuses
Weapons can give a range of player bonuses when used. both offensive and defensive:
Block Bonus
Damage boost
Armour piercing
Armour damaging

Stealth system
The stealth system isn’t very good; but (for compatibility reasons) will not be extensively featured(so don’t recommend ideas. they will likely be unfeasible)

You can remain undetected by mobs. while players are just as easy to spot you as normal.
While undetected. mobs won’t target you. they are effected by:
Distance to observer

Worn apparel
Sneaking/standing still

Standing still reduces noise as much as sneaking. but worn armour will make noise on any movement(except light armour)

Combat advantage
You can gain bonus damage from certain conditions
Flanking: When behind targets, you do more damage
Sneak attacks: you will land criticals when behind and undetected

You might notice some new plants generating over the land. These herbs will generate randomly, no information is available on the main page. Instead; you right click an unharvested herb with a regular book, this will create a herb book that will display uses of the herb, click it to unlock it’s info, if the info is already inside, it will display the entry. Put a book and a herb book on a crafting grid to copy them. All herbs are used in regular brewing purposes(for now) they might be used elsewhere later.





+1.5.1 support
*Fire breath half length
*Fire breath less effective in rain/water

+Added Spear
*3x longer than normal item
*Can be thrown
*To Throw: Hold right-click for a second
*Large knockback
*Large range
*Less damage to sword
*30% Armour penetration
*Slow and exausting
*More items(including halbeards) will be added just not now.
(only reason this was added is due to playing with textures and got this awesome thing; just had to add it)

*Hounds can shoot firecharges
-Hounds nolonger shoot bombs(they hurt themselves)
*Throwing knives spin slower, the longer their held.
*Thrown items much more accurate rotations
*Mithril Spear/Morningstar is easier to carry
*Enchantments render on weapon racks
*Thowing knives are way easier to throw, but damage is effected by hold time (always hit on max power)
*Ornate Crafting now uses Hot Iron rods for handles
*Iron rod, Shard, Gold and silver ingots must be heated for forging

+Added Scythe
*Cuts grass and leaves like hoes did.
*leaves and grass are cut seperately, at different ranges
*Useful tool for farming and road building
-Hoes nolonger have this feature

+Added Bastard Sword
*2x longer
*Can Block
*larger knockback
*larger range
*high damage
*same traits to sword(criticals)

+Added Battleaxe
*2x longer
*larger knockback
*larger range
*Very high damage
*Very exausting

*Increased enchantability to items
+Added special Debug mod(unlocked with a serial code) for testers.
*Big dragons are slightly weaker, will not heal in combat and nolonger have projectile resistance
*Blackjacks are made with flints now

+Added Minotaur Hide
*takes longer to clean
*requires 2 salt
*yields 8 leather

+Added Drake Hide
*Yields 6 leather

*Drake meat has 2x the satiation(time before hunger starts to decrease)
*Source now in lowercase (API Users Need to change)

*Fixed some hound stat issues
*Anvils now can support recpies that don’t specify metadata
*Anvil shapless recipes work on all slots now

Download Minefantasy Mod

For 1.6.4


 For 1.5.2


Credits: AnonymousProducti

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