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FINALLY! The ultimate SURVIVAL ISLAND seed including: Only one tree!! An easy to find dungeon Many natural resources like DIAMOND! Sugercane Useable in Minecrafts latest version: 1.5.1 and 1.5.2

The seed is: 2475069397829075708  

I´ve uploaded some pics:


This challenges I made by myself.

1. Create a shelter
2. Create a block-deleter
3. Make an fireplace
4. Create a lighthouse
5. Let an Iron Golem kill 20 zombies
6. Get all archievments
7. Obtain an music disk by an creeper killed by an skeleton
8. Get 8 Enderpearls
9. Get an diamond sword with SHARPNESS
10. Find a diamond

1. Make an diary
2. Make an mobtrap with an tripwire
3. Get an enchanted golden-apple
4. Craft an Enderchest
5. Kill a zombie pigmen in the overworld

1. Make a big underground area (cave), big enough for bats to spawn
2. Make an farm including an area for Wheat, Sugarcane and Potatoes
3. Kill the wither
4. (Boss challenge) Make an beacon
5. Brew an invisible potion
6. Throw a splash potion of invisibility to (a pair of) (a) creeper(s) and try to kill him without having him explode.

1. Improve your base by adding lots of redstone mechanism
2. Make the mobspawner, a fully automatic (with hoppers etc.) mobgrinder

When you finished ALL your challenges, try the final challenge, or wait until there are new ones!
FINAL CHALLENGE: Once you have a diamond chestplate and a diamond helmet, make a bridge to the
overworld and make your house there. Destroy the bridge and make a screenshot so you never forget your
survival island <3. Also keep your diary (1.3 challenge) and your best stuff.

The map is tested in 1.5.2 sow enjoy playing in minecrafts recent version

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