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Minecraft Server Tool 1.7.4


Minecraft Server Tool 1.7.4

This is the Minecraft Server Tool. The easiest way to make your own server. Here’s how it works. This is an app which lets you go through, create not one, not two, but an infinite amount of servers. It supports Vanilla and Bukkit, and supports 1.7.2 through to 1.4.6! It also allows you to run the server INSIDE the application! It gives you the console and a command line, so you can control the server as if you set it up yourself!





* Fixed bug where server property editor did not work
* Fixed bug where ‘Restore to default’ did not work
– Small improvements and fixes
– Added stats window to run, showing IP address and memory usage
– Started work on Forge support (although, incomplete and cannot be used)
– You can now customise server RAM allocation (requires at least 50Mb)


  • Create a server with the click of a button
  • Supports Vanilla and Bukkit
  • Supports 1.7.2 through to 1.4.6
  • Automatically downloads server jars
  • Windows, Mac and Linux support
  • Run the server inside the app
  • Shows server IP address and memory usage
  • Built-in server porpeties editor
  • Sort the files and change settings
  • Simple server deletion
  • You are alerted when a new version is avaliable

Download Minecraft Server Tool 1.7.4

For 1.7.4


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