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Minecraft: One Bad Egg


This is the story of my most frightening experience on Minecraft. It’s my first try at any sort of comic.. thing.. so please be nice! :XD:

I became bored of my world and went to light trees on fire.. when I found a ridiculously steep cave. So naturally, I jumped in.

I’m always on edge in dark caves. I was mining around when I broke through into a larger, much darker cavern. I had run out of torches so I turned around and a CHICKEN was next to my face.

I know it was only a chicken but for a moment, in my mind I saw a massive horde of creepers hissing at me. I sort of screamed. LOL. In my panic I swatted at it with my torch, but I missed. Later on this chicken followed me around into the bigger cavern… and jumped into a lava flow. May he rest in peace. :no:

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