Minecraft is Too Easy Mod 1.6.4

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Minecraft is Too Easy Mod 1.6.4

“One does not simply walk into the mountains

and mine iron ore with a wooden pickaxe.”

The Minecraft Is Too Easy (MITE) mod was created to emphasize and enhance the survival aspect of the game. It accomplishes this by increasing the difficulty of survival mode and introducing new content and game mechanics. MITE is a comprehensive mod that alters roughly 500 of the game’s base classes and adds many new ones. Some highlights of the MITE mod are listed below:

Reduced Player Starting Health And Nutrition

  • Begin with 3 heart and food icons instead of 10, and gain one of each for every 5 levels of experience

Reduced Player Harvesting Capabilities

  • Logs may be harvested only while wielding a hatchet, axe or battle axe
  • Stone and ore blocks cannot be harvested unless you have a mining tool such as a pickaxe or war hammer
  • If you begin to starve you will be too weak from hunger to break or place blocks, and your movement speed will be reduced

Subsistence Living

  • Embark as a hunter/gatherer in the Stone Age, only able to hunt animals and gather plants for sustenance until you discover flint tools
  • Struggle to find enough food each day to make it through the night and see another sunrise
  • Adopt a nomadic lifestyle as you deplete local resources and are forced to move on
  • Find a better way to live once you have stockpiled enough food to make a stand against hunger

Improved Mob AI

  • Mobs detect players from further away and their missile attacks have increased range and accuracy
  • Mobs will not despawn if you can see them or they can see you
  • Animals require food and water, and are able to seek it out on their own
  • Animals are also more effective at evading predators (you will see a lot of this)

Four New Ores And Metals

  • Copper, silver, mithril and adamantium have been added to the mix; each metal has its own characteristics
  • Search deep within the bowels of the earth to discover the largest and most precious ore veins

New Furnaces And Heat Levels

  • Introducing the clay oven, sandstone oven, obsidian furnace and netherrack furnace, each with its own capacity for withstanding heat
  • Wood and charcoal can be burned in any oven and produce enough heat to cook meat
  • The lesser metals (copper, silver, gold and iron) can be smelted in a stone furnace burning coal
  • A lava-fueled obsidian furnace has enough heat to smelt mithril
  • Netherrack furnaces are the only furnaces capable of withstanding the intense heat of blaze rods; these are used to smelt adamantium

Ten New Mobs

  • Introducing the dire wolf, wood spider, ghoul, wight, shadow, invisible stalker, hellhound, demon spider, infernal creeper, and fire elemental
  • Most of the new mobs are encountered only at deeper levels; the game grows more perilous the deeper you delve

A Dozen New Achievements

  • They will provide you with a roadmap of how to survive in this new, harsh world

New Tools and Durability System

  • MITE adds to your arsenal the cudgel, club, hatchet, knife, dagger, war hammer, battle axe, mattocks and scythe
  • Tool durability is reduced according to the hardness of the harvested block
  • The flint hatchet is the simplest tool that will allow you to harvest wood from trees
  • The copper pickaxe is the most easily crafted tool that will allow you to harvest stone and ore blocks

Added Enchantments

  • Speed (boots)
  • Stun (war hammers)
  • Fortune (fishing rods)
  • Regeneration (torso armor)
  • Fertility (hoes and mattocks)
  • Tree Felling (axes and battle axes)
  • Vampiric (swords, daggers and scythes)

Enhanced Farming

  • Cultivate the new onion crop and use it to prepare delicious food dishes
  • Beware the blight, a dread disease that can afflict your crops and ruin their yield
  • Manure, a valuable resource periodically dropped by livestock, can be used to fertilize farmland
  • A new time-forwarding mechanism allows crops to grow even when no players are nearby

Weather Effects

  • Player’s hunger rate is increased while standing in the rain; it pays to find shelter
  • Fishing is more productive during rain storms

Security Of Valuables In Multiplayer Games

  • Strongboxes are chests that are crafted from metal; they can only be opened by the player who places them

Crafting Recipes

MITE adds many new recipes to the game and alters some of of the existing ones:


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Author: Avernite

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