Minecraft Classes Plugin 1.7.2

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http://www.img3.9minecraft.net/minecraft/img/Minecraft Classes.jpg For Version: Bukkit 1.7.2


Hello Minecraft-Classes is a plugin that allows the player to select races and classes. By selecting a race and a class it allows bonuses to the player regarding where they are, what they have and etc.

Donations are always welcome so please if you can please donate by clicking the button in the top right that says donate. This helps me get some encouragement for making these plugins, and also as well keep my server up that I am running.


Main command

/mcc <races/classes> Usage: gives full info about Minecraft-Classes

Select command

/mcc select [race/class] {name of class/race}

Create your own class:

Create your own class

Hello, this page is to show you how to create your own class!

First off you must go to the classes.yml, notice that there are already preset classes made.

All you have to do essentially is add the name of your desired race, add how it costs, and what it receives.

http://www.img3.9minecraft.net/minecraft/img/Create your own class.png

Upcoming Features:

  1. -Friendlier config- Done
  2. -Being able to make your own class- Done
  3. Multiworld Support
  4. Races (Still in development.)

Config files:

Config files

Classes config file

Classes config file

Races Config file

Races config

Settings Config file

Setting config

Minecraft Classes Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link


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