Metalforge Mod 1.7.10

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Metalforge Mod 1.7.10

This mod is about making Minecraft a tiny bit more realistic in a sense, but it also adds crazy, neat, fun, and weird stuff.


Blast resistant wall : can’t blow up
Magnetite: decorative(comes in 4 different fashions), can be smelted into iron nuggets
Beryl: Morganite, Heliodor, Aquamarine(decorative, can be purified into raw beryllium for beryllium bronze)
Ores: rich coal, brown coal, copper, cobalt, silver, titanium, tungsten, weak rubium, silver + cobalt from the end
Blackwood(decorative, trees only grow on ancient grass from the black forest which is added)
Blackwood Lamp: ignite it with a flint and steel, functions as a light source
Heat Treating Oven: Machine used to heat up metals(for crafting)
Mineral Purifier: can purify ores to get more out of them
Heat Coil: can be placed on top of the ‘brick-machines’ to increase their working speed
Metalwork Station: used for crafting with glowing metal ingots, which are the main thing in this mod
Heavy World Anchor: loads the chunk it’s in
Spring Pads: the more expensive they are, the higher you’ll jump!
Spring Rail: like a golden spring pad, it lauches minecarts! I might even add more rails in the future
Beryllium Venomizer: Turns raw beryllium into toxic beryllium at a cost of 200 toxin units(about 3 spider eyes)
Metal Soil: When placed under grass it will eventually mutate and you’ll get mutant metal nuggets
CP Miner: mines down and spits the items out of the top
CP Bomb: the higher its cp-charge level, the bigger the explosion


Scaling hooks: right click a block to ‘climb’ towards it, doesn’t work on the top of the block)
Blacksmith’s Tongs: needed in your hotbar to not catch on fire with glowing metal ingots in your inventory
Forgehammers: currently useless(…)
Bows: Steel, Beryllium Bronze and Xyrenium, stronger than the normal bow
Black Armorslayer: ignores armor value of the hit creature
Quick Dagger: you can hit the target a lot quicker(you also have to click quickly)
Armor: Steel, Beryllium Bronze and Xyrenium, but only Xyrenium is stronger than diamond
Spring Boots: takes the fall damage for you! They sacrifice themselves! Or do you sacrfice them…? 😐
CP Tools: Fill up by shift-rightclicking with coal, brown coal or coal coke in your inventory
CP Item Gun: launches the next item in your hotbar
CP Flying Machine: Hold ‘space’ to ascend, it’s pretty fun and cool
CP Lightning Summoner: summons a lightning at a cost of all its charge and it has to be raining
Log Takers Axe: Breaks every log connected to the log broken by oneself when shifting
Leaf Takers Machete: Breaks every leaf block surrounding the leaf broken by oneself
Life Takers Scythe: Returns 1/3 of the dealt damage to the user
Life Sensor: Tells the user how much of its max health the creature used on has
Lily Pad Runners: Boots that put lily pads beneath your feet when on water(these vanish when walking away)
ERKit: Revives you once when having it in your inventory + 3 seconds of invincebility + 2.5 Hearts
Heavy Orb: Throw it! It hurts a lot! Kill all the chickens with it!
Red Button: blow yourself up with this when having aTNT Vest equipped(its crazy but also a game)
Guillotine Sword(temporary name): has a chance of beheading the target(of course only if it has a head)
Swapper’s Staff: swaps the next block in your hotbar(only if its more than one) for the one right-clicked on
Brown Coal: VERY common, burns only a fourth as long as normal coal
Coal Coke: Used to make steel, smelts twice as long as normal coal
Bio Plantmass: edible but gross D: also used to make Bio Fertilizer
Bio Fertilizer: work as bonemeal
Toxic Meat: dropped by cave spiders and equals 100 toxin units in the Beryllium Venomizer


With this mod installed you won’t be able to craft your normal iron boots with the old iron ingots anymore(thats an example, you can’t craft any metal-only products(that exludes tools and rails and so on) like anvils or armor normally), no you’ll need glowing metals! These are made by processing normal ingots in a Heat Treating Oven. But you still can’t craft with these in a normal crafting table, which would probabaly burn up when trying so. You need the Metalwork Station! I also changed a few recipes to make it a bit harder >:D, you’ll notice! The other 2 brick-machines do this: the HTSmelter smelts faster than a normal furnace and the Mineral Purifier gives you 2 pure versions of your ore which can be smelted into an ingot(so it doubles your ore-ouput)! Ontop of that, all 3 bick-machines can be sped up with Heat Coils(the orange things on the picture) and have a reinforced version which is faster than their normal verison with 2 Heat Coils(thats the max) ontop of them(CAUTION: Heat Coils are hot when the machine they’re speeding up are active, so dont touch them!). Worldgeneration: The ores and the magnetite spawn normally, the beryls in special biomes(Red: Deserts/Savannas, Green: Forests, Blue: Oceans/Rivers). There also are 2 structures(one spawns in the black forest), try to find them!

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Author: mrzero_o

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