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Matter Overdrive Mod 1.7.10


Matter Overdrive is a Minecraft mod, inspired by the popular Sci-fi TV series Star Trek. It dwells in the concept of replicating and transforming one type matter into another.

The Mod, features:

  • A Modular Weapon System
  • Replicators, with Item Pattern replication.
  • Decomposing of Items into Matter Plasma
  • Teleportation of Entities
  • Gravitational anomalies
  • Fusion Reactions

Although, it may seem overpowered, Matter Overdrive takes a more realistic approach and requires the player to build up to a complex system, before even the simplest replication can be achieved.




  • Implemented Star Map Galaxy Generation
  • New Block Star Map
  • Added config options for choosing the gravitational anomaly’s spawn dimensions.
  • Fixed Isolinear Circuit textures
  • Added Holo-Shader compatibility check
  • Minor Graphical optimizations



Download Matter Overdrive Mod

For 1.7.10


Author: X_Simeon

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