Mariculture Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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Mariculture Mod 1.7.10


Mariculture is a mod aimed at expanding usage of ocean and water biomes, or making them easier to explore/exploit. Adding various types of fish to catch and breed. Machines to assist in your life, Turbines to power your machines. Magical power of pearls, new transport, things to see or even just some custom blocks. Mariculture has 6 different modules, you can turn on and off in the configs.

This mod comes in 6 Modules, Core, Diving, Factory, Fishery, Pearls, Transport and World. All of them except for Core can be toggled on and off in the config file, here’s a little bit about each Module.

This module is required for all other modules to function, it contains the main handlers, and crafting components used in all the other modules. It also includes oysters and the basic ore generation of which the ores can all be toggled on and off from within the configs. It also the contains the liquifier and settler, two key components for processing ores and essential for a fair bit of crafting involved throughout the mod.

The Diving Module’s purpose is to give you way to explore the depths of the ocean in a much safer manner or to help with building underwater, with less of a fear of drowning, and travelling further and faster.

The Factory module adds methods for generating power, be it water or natural gas. It also provides access to some other useful functional blocks, for decorative, or just assistance purposes.

The Fishery module expands on the fishing system, allowing you to catch different species with different rods and requiring bait, it also introduces two automatic fishing methods, the fishing net and the autofisher, the latter of which needs to be powered. There are also tanks and incubators, so you can breed different fish, each fish species is unique and has it’s own purpose in life.

The Magic module is all about magic and mystery, using pearls and other materials in order to craft jewelry which can be enchanted from within the portable enchanting table, the mirror.

The Transport module will add many different types of boats that do different things, right now the only new boat is the Speed Boat.

The world module is all about world generation and adding interesting things to the ocean biome to explore. Currently it adds Coral Reefs and Kelp Forests with rare treasure chests.

Core Module Overview


Diving Module Overview


Factory Module Overview


Fishery Module Overview


Magic Module Overview


Transport Module Overview


World Module Overview


Installation Mariculture Mod

  1. Install Forge
  2. Download this mod’s zip file and place it in your mods folder.


BETA Notes

  • This is purely for helping me test, I would like to see as many bugs reported as possible except the ones listed here.
  • MAJOR: You need to install ‘Enchiridion’ if you want to keep my books, it’s been split to a seperate mod for ‘reasons’.
  • Check the Caveats for known issues
  • Please do as much testing as possible and report all bugs/quirks etc. on my github


  • Added Fluid Dictionary (Disabled by default, as it can be a bit exploitive xp wise, if not used correctly)
  • Damaging jewelry will now not apply the damage to every item, but split it out across the items(if it’s doing more than one damage), otherwise rings will die first, then bracelets, then necklaces.
  • Mirrors are now required to take jewelry off, you don’t need them to put them on, the controls to take off were fiddly anyways. (You can still swap existing pieces though).
  • Jewelry is no longer damaged when the player is in creative
  • Sonic the Hedgehog buffed to provide 1 minute per damage
  • Shift + Right Clicking Custom blocks, now copies the texture as with others, simply shift + right click the paintbrush on NO blocks to set it to air now
  • Removed Timelord, Focus Punch, Poison Ivy and Inferno Enchants
  • Added Elemental Affinity Enchantment – Each pearl colour has a different effect with this enchantment, has negative affects on stuff other than pearls
  • Ender Fish and Netherfish are no longer FORCED to live in the nether/end biomes. Now as long as the environment is correct, they will be happy.
  • Blink distance per level increased to 16 blocks, you no longer need to be above a certain level to use it any time
  • Air Pumps will now only ‘work’ when they receive power, they will only extract fluid at that point too
  • FLUDD is now simply the activate key to activate, and shift + activate. Hover will ‘hover’ at the same height as long as you are pressing forward and activate, you will ascend normally, and holding space makes you ascend faster. Squirt mode no longer breaks blocks but does a lot more damage to entities, and you only occurs in short bursts.
  • Pressure Vessels will no longer tick/auto-output, you’ll need to use pipes from other mods or the sluice to extract liquids in to your machines, it now instafills fludds
  • Kelp and Coral come in two forms, static and growable, what you find in the wild will always be static. In order to get ones that grow, kelp you craft with itself for seeds, and coral you soak in one tenth of a bucket of water in a vat.

Known caveats

  • Enchiridion is required, without you get a crash
  • Custom fluids/recipes for 1.7 with regards to crucible furnace aren’t implemented yet, I plan to have all recipes for each machine to be customisable so that’s off for now
  • Plugins for mods, like tinkers and BOP are not implemented yet
  • The screwed up rendering of void bottles is known, and is on the to do list
  • Currently disabling the Fishery module can have dire consequences due to the vanilla fishing override, will sort this out later
  • The Vanilla Overriding for fish and fishing rods isn’t working correctly
  • Some of the biomes that I should be overwriting aren’t being, due to not giving proper names
  • There is a crash when you wear scuba/diving gear underwater
  • There’s a startup error in the console, about failing to extend enchantment maximum
  • Jewelry Enchanting has changed, the book has not yet been updated
  • Auto-dictionary may be broken with certain mods?

Download Mariculture Mod

For 1.7.10

Mariculture Mod 1.7.2

For 1.6.4/1.6.2

Old version

Credits: joshie

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