Magic Cookies Mod 1.7.10

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Magic Cookies is a mod that expands on the adventure of Thaumcraft 4.

This mod is compiled against Minecraft 1.7.10,  forge 1231, Thaumcraft and Baubles comes automatically with Thaumcraft so usually you don’t have to worry about that)

In the image below you can see a quick summary of the main features of the mod. There aren’t that many items or blocks, but they all have their own special things.

A basic summary of some of the things added:

    • Cookies! more cookies! yummy cookies! Mana beans are unpredictable… but what if you’d mix them with a nice chocolate chip cookie hmmhhh…. Might turn out great, might turn out as a disaster…
    • Golems… They have evolved! One has grown at peace with his inner self. Focusing on the higher wisdoms of life instead of labor. Another has grown fondly attached to you… some would say overly attached… and one… we shall not speak of the void golem… he creeps me out.
    • Shears of the shepherd, for when you want to take your pets flying in your thaumostatic harness.
    • Magic ice.. tough durable ice in which you can encase your enemies with the Heart of Ice focus
    • Grog… drink it, meet your drinking buddies, speak slurred language(the slurred language doesn’t work on cauldron 🙁 let me know if there are vanilla forge servers where it doesn’t work either.) become drunk and hear and see things. Grog is great!
    • Fences…. walls, blocks, slabs… let your inner designer go wild
    • Golden bars, emerald studded bars, void bars, thaumium bars… you can finally have that creepy or luxurious look you always wanted.
    • Ladders… gold, iron, thaumium void… to suit your designing needs
    • The one ring to rule them all. It gives a  nice vis discount and recharges ALL vis containers in your inventory indefinately. It does not need recharging but be warned… This is not for mere mortals but for very experienced thaumaturges!(or you like wasting resources, that’s cool too)
    • There are rumors of a big entropy temple in the nether where you can walk in hallways and get lost in them… but those who presevere will find the fabled dechanting table… Be warned though… it will not come easely with you, and to those who use it… it does not take experience to use it… it takes your lifes blood and makes you repulsive. This is only for wise thaumaturges.

Shrines to entropy are strewn throughout hell. There is a rumor of a hidden room of loot and tons of quartz at the lava sea shrines… but there might be a cost to pay for all that quartz…

  • Void crystal….. infinite storage of a stackable item… just… to figure out how it works….
  • Your gain a green thumb when you eat a herba cookie… all those blasted weeds sprouting up all over the place!
  • Golems holding items trigger item updates. This means a void crystal will attract its linked item if a golem holds it… there might be some use in that with a hungry chest and a mob trap… go fancy 🙂
  • Oh… and ehm… you might have to kill a tamed puppy…. it has to do with the void golem… better not to speak about it…

Download Magic Cookies Mod

For 1.7.10

Author: Tschallacka

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