LotsOMobs Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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LotsOMobs Mod

Items and Blocks:

  • Spear: This throwable weapon deals 100 hearts of damage. Crafted with two DinoBones and a SpearTip
  • SpearTip: Smelt an Amber
  • Amber: This is dropped when u mine an AmberOre. This ore generates in the bottom 7 layers of the Dino dimension
  • DinoPortal: This block is a door to the Dino Dimension. Carfted by surendering a FlintAndSteel with Fossils
  • Fossil: Dropped from a fossilore
  • Ivory: Dropped from Elephants and Narwhals
  • Amber Tools: The most powerfull tools yet. Stronger than diamonds!











  1. Install Minecraft Forge installer
  2. Open the LotsOMobs.zip
  3. Drag the content from the folder “Into Jar” into the minecraft,jar
  4. Go to your .minecraft folder again. open the folder resources/sound3 and drop the folder called “LotsOMobs” (from the zip ) into here (Its inside the Resources-sound3 Folder)!
  5. Go kill some deer!



Welcome to one of the biggest LotsOMobs updates in a very long time! I have spend quite some time on rethinking the old Tropical Beach biome. And now, it has returned, better and more awesome!

To start, I have added 3 new mobs:

  1. Hammerhead Sharks
  2. Sharks
  3. Crabs

The sharks are hostile, and will kill every living thing that comes near them! They are fast and strong so watch out!
The crabs are peacefull mobs, designed to give the Tropical Beach more life. 

I have also added new blocks:

  1. 3 Corals
  2. Seaweed
  3. Palm Logs
  4. Palm Leaves
  5. Coconut

Some of the Items were around before but the Corals and Seaweed are new. They spawn underwater in the tropical Beach biome!

With these new blocks and mobs, also come some new items:

  1. Coconut Milk
  2. Raw Crab and Cooked Crab
  3. Raw Shark Filét and Cooked Shark Filét

And finaly, 4 new Achievements:

  1. Kill a Shark
  2. Kill a Crab
  3. Get a piece of Coral
  4. Get some Coconut Milk

No, wait! There is more!
I have remodeled the Whale and Narwhale! They now have huge tails with animation!

Also, I added a way, that I think may work, so LotsOMobs mobs will spawn in Biome O Plenty biomes. I have added the method for Forrest and Plain mobs in LotsOMobs so please test it and give me feedback on whether it works!

Now, go out there, find a tropical beach, and watch out for sharks!

PS: Forge 1180 is recommended and required 😛 I would also suggest Shaders for people with good PCs, they make the world look so much better 😀


Very big update today containing a new, epic feature that will give a bit of a challenge to the new 3D Armor. 

First of, 3 new block:

  • Spinning Wheel
  • Salt Bath
  • Tanning Rack

New Items:

  • Dirty and Salted Elephant Hide
  • Dirty and Salted Deer Hide
  • Knife
  • Rope
  • Wheel

New process from Mob to armor:

  1. Kill the mob
  2. You recieve a Dirty hide with meat rests on it, you can craft an armor with that!
  3. Use a Salt Bath and salt the Hide
  4. Use the Tanning Rack and a knife to clean the meat and Salt from the Hide
  5. Now you can craft an awesome Armor!

Recommended Forge: 1060! (Other may work too, just test and see :P)

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