LegendaryMessages Plugin 1.7.4/1.6.2

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LegendaryMessages Plugin 1.7.4

LegendaryMessages is a plugin that will display all kinds of messages and is 100% customizable!!! It can handle things from login messages to Messages of the day to Auto Messages and you dont need to use all the features as it is customizable.

LegendaryMessages Features

  • Login Message
  • New Player Messages
  • Player Counter Message
  • Message of The Day
  • Logout Message
  • AutoMessages
  • Ability to disable automessages on console (aka messages wont be seen on console)
  • White-List Message
  • Death Messages
  • New Version Notification
  • Option to change the kick message when you type /stop
  • /say command formatting
  • Commands to edit the config in game
  • MySQL Player Logging Information
  • /playerinfo command to display player information
  • Web Interface
  • Shorten the plugin prefix
  • VanishNoPacket Support for join, leave messages

Web Interface and Player Information Features

  • Log Username
  • Log First Seen
  • Log Last Seen
  • Log Time Played
  • Log Health
  • Log Hunger
  • Log Location
  • Log Item in hand
  • Log Ip Address
  • Log Player #


  • Download the plugin
  • Install it to the /plugins folder
  • Then do a quick server restart
  • When the server has started everything is already enabled so you will see [AutoMessage] Message 1 it will be set to 1 minute interval
  • To disable and customize somethings goto /plugins/LegendaryMessages/config.yml and it will look something like this

Commands & Permissions

The Command /lm does the same thing as /legendarymessages The Command /pi, /userinfo, /ui does the same thing as /playerinfo

Command Description Permission
/lm reload Reload The Config LegendaryMessages.Reload
/lm edit Edit an option in the config LegendaryMessages.Edit
/lm toggle Toggle and option in the config LegendaryMessages.Toggle
/playerinfo Display your player information LegendaryMessages.Info
/playerinfo <player> Display <player>’s information LegendaryMessages.Info
/playerinfo totalplayers Display Total Players LegendaryMessages.Info
/playerinfo newestplayer Display Newest Player LegendaryMessages.Info
Hide Automessages LegendaryMessages.AutoMessages.Hide

Download LegendaryMessages Plugin 1.7.4/1.6.2

For 1.7.4


For 1.6.2


Author: IcyRelic

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