Larry’s Mod 1.8

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Larry’s Mod fills in the gaps with lots of helpful features to make Minecraft more awesome. This mod isentirely configurable, so you can disable any of the features listed below in the FEATURES section. The config file is located in .minecraft/config/larrysmod.cfg. Just open the file with notepad or any text editor and enter “true” or “false” to pick which features you want to include.



Burn in Daylight (BiD): Enable or disable for any hostile mob (not from the nether) to have them flee the sun so they don’t burn. No more getting blown up in broad daylight.

bone+: Things have skeletons, so animals and villagers drop bones. Smaller animals can drop up to 1, bigger animals up to 2.

cooking+: Adds some new foods that fit in with the Minecraft theme.

cooking+.bread: Adds pumpkin bread and replaces the vanilla bread recipe with a new wheat > flour > dough > uncooked bread > bread.

cooking+.horseMeat: Horses drop horse meat. Can be cooked and eaten just like any other animal’s meat.

cooking+.pies: Adds apple pie and replaces vanilla pumpkin pie with wheat > flour > dough > pie shell + ingredient > uncooked pie > pie.

cooking+.potatoes: Shove a 16 oz. steak inside a potato and eat it. You should probably cook it first, though.

cooking+.squidMeat: Mmm, calamari.

cooking+.stews: Rabbits are no longer special. Every other mob gets a stew, too.

gunpowder+: Sulfur and saltpeter spawn with adjustable frequency. Together with charcoal they make getting gunpowder much easier.

leather+: Cook some rotten flesh and make some leather. Yeah it’s old, but why download another mod for it?

storage+: Small upgrades that will hopefully make your life a little easier.

storage+.blocks: Bundle up your flint, gunpowder, and sugar into blocks. Just watch out with the gunpowder though, it might explode if you set it on fire.

storage+.buckets: Buckets are now stackable to 64 and work fine. I hope.

storage+.eggs: 16? Why? 64 is fine.

storage+stews: Stews now also stack to 64 and also work fine. I hope.

Tier VI (t6): Adds some extra armor and tools to Minecraft.

Tier VI.boneEquipment: Make highly-enchantable equipment out of bone. Better than gold, not as good as iron, but more enchantable than either.

Tier VI.obsidianEquipment: Diamonds are in high demand for machines, so save yourself the trouble of spending hours searching for diamonds and just use obsidian. It’s easy to find and tougher even than diamond. It’s not enchantable, but it’s durable and easy to get.

RECIPES (just use NEI)

Work in progress.

cooking+ bread or pies

Wheat = Flour

Flour + Sugar + Bucket of Water (not used) = Dough


Dough + Dough = Uncooked Bread x2 + SMELT = Bread

Dough + Dough + Pumpkin = Uncooked Pumpkin Bread x2 + SMELT = Pumpkin Bread


Raw Horse + SMELT = Cooked Horse


Dough + Dough + Dough in bowl shape = Pie Shell x3

Pie Shell + Apple or Pumpkin = Uncooked Apple or Pumpkin Pie + SMELT = Apple or Pumpkin Pie


Potato + Raw Meat = Raw Meat Potato + SMELT = Meat Potato

replace Meat with any vanilla/Larry’s Mod meat or mushroom


Raw Squid + SMELT = Calamari


Carrot + Baked Potato + Mushroom + Bowl + Meat in same pattern as vanilla = Meat Stew

meat can be any vanilla/Larry’s Mod meat


Charcoal + Sulfur + Saltpeter = Gunpowder x3

Tier VI.boneEquipment

Same patterns as all armor and tools, just with bone.

Tier VI.obsidianEquipment

Obsidian + SMELT = Obsidian Scrap + SMELT = Obsidian Ingot

Same patterns as all armor and tools, just with obsidian ingots.

Download Larry’s Mod

For 1.8

Author: Larry

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