Large Sign Mod 1.7.10

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Large Sign Mod 1.7.10

This Mod adds an item which name is Large Sign.Block size and text size of Large Sign is bigger than Sign, and you can choose one of all items icons showing on it ,like Item Frame but not need to consume items.


There is two mode in the current version,Text Mode and Item Icon Mode.In Text Mode,you can input text and edit it font style and more.InItem Icon Mode,you can choose an items icon showing on the sign. Large Sign only be placed on the walls,it can not stand on the floor.

Text Mode

Above is Text Mode GUI screenshot.Using Font Styles controls to edit the font Style of showing text,and usingAdjustor controls to move or scale showing text.Color Switcher controls is used to change the color of showing text.You can edit message at the inputbox,and only enter 8 characters(not include style carets).

Font Styles

To edit font style correctly,you have to use style carets.In this Mod,style carets are different with original carets,you can see the screenshot as above,style carets show in the inputbox,and the font style of each character are displayed on the Large Sign separately.


You can adjust “X pos.” and “Y pos.” to move the position of showing text.Adjusting “Scale” to resize showing text.

Color Switcher

This controls using RGBA to represent color.You can adjust the value or click color blocks to change text color.

Item Icon Mode

Above is Item Icon Mode GUI screenshot.There is an list of all items display at right side.Just click the item icon which you want and it will show on the sign and click “prev” or “next” to change page.You do not need to consume items.


Recipe of Large Sign as below:

Download Large Sign Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

Author: RoriPantsu

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