Lambchops Mod 1.7.2

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Lambchops Mod 1.7.2

The lambchops mod has returned! I have started coding mods for 1.7.2, but it will be slow because I won’t focus on it as much as I did before. Please report any bugs you find! (Also a mod spotlight would be nice) 

– Sheeps drop 1-3 pieces of mutton
     – Raw mutton restores 1.5 hunger points 
     – Cooked mutton restores 4 hunger points 
     – Can be fed to wolves 
– Squids drop itself (like chickens do) 
     – Raw squid restores 1 hunger point 
     – Fried squid restores 2.5 hunger points 
– Bats drop 1-2 bat wings 
     – A use for those annoying bats! 
     – Raw bat wings restore 1.5 hunger points 
     – Fried bat wings restore 3 hunger points 
– Silverfish drop 1 silverfish tail
     – Restore 2.5 hunger points 
     – You don’t need to cook it. 
– Zombie Pigmen drop 0-1 rotten porkchops
     – No longer drop rotten flesh 
     – Restore 1 hunger point 
     – Gives: Nausea III, Hunger III, Poison I 
     – Effects last 10 seconds 
     – I would not eat it 
– Purifier can be crafted from a water bottle and ghast tears
    – Crafted with rotten porkchops to make regular cooked porkchops 
    – Have 10 uses 
    – Can be drank to give the sustenance effect for 10 seconds 
    – Sustenance effect restores hunger points and gives saturation over time 


Install Lambchops Mod 1.7.2

  1. Install Minecraft Forge for 1.7.2.
  2. Download this mod.
  3. Navigate to your mods folder and place the jar/zip into it.

Download Lambchops Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

Author: Jt9

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