KitPlugin plugin 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

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KitPlugin 1.6.4


Let’s your users simply get predefined Kits with one command.
Users have to pay for the kits, if the server is running with Vault and any supported economy plugin.
Works with Minecraft 1.6+

Plugin Setup

Main Config:


Kits config:






Don’t post issues in the comments. Open a ticket instead.


Requirements for v6.0 or higher

  • Craftbukkit between 1.4.x and 1.6.x
  • Permissions Plugin
  • Vault (for Economy support) – Optional !


Subscribe for real-time notifications

You ever wondered how to subscribe to plugins and get e-mail notifications about updates?
Just hit the Subscriptions button in the menu and use the same settings as here.


KitPlugin is using metrics to collect stats! It only collects basic things such as version type, and players online. It also includes an update-checker and auto-updater. You can enable/disable both in the config file



  • Leather armor colors are not working when using “inventory” as slot


  • fixed


  • Names on items are now getting colorized if a color is defined
  • Colors for leather armor are now optional

v6.3 for MC 1.6.4

  • Auto Updater: KitPlugin now downloads updates automatically if you set “DownloadUpdate” to “true” in the config.yml

v6.0 for MC 1.6.2


  • Items are now getting dropped if your inventory is full
  • Kits are now using the proper stacksize for items


  • Another small config rework to support new stuff
  • History is now stored in yaml files
  • Updated Metrics to R7


  • The “new version available” notification now includes the number of the newer version
  • Item name and description
  • Status effects which are applied directly to the player
  • Deathkits! You can get this kits only once per life.
  • You now can define which slot shall be used for items
  • It is now possible to remove armor contents before giving kits
  • Colors for messages

Important notes

  • This version does not work with older configs (v4.x or v5.x). You have to update them!

Download KitPlugin 

For 1.6.4

Old version

For 1.6.2

For 1.5.2

Credits: recon88

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