KingKits Plugin 1.7.4/1.7.2/1.6.2

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KingKits Plugin 1.7.4

KingKits is not the ordinary kit plugins that allows players to use kits in PvP. This plugin is special as it has in-game commands that allows you to create kits and delete kits. You can also use /pvpkit <kit> or a sign to choose a kit. Also, there is a custom ability kit plugin that allows a kits to have special abilities such as if a player using the kit called “Snowman” (Customizable in config) throws a snowball at a target, the target gets the blindness potion effect for a certain amount of seconds.


  • Multi-world support
  • Kit command
  • Sign kits
  • Special abilities for kits
  • Creating/deleting/renaming kits in-game
  • Disabling/enabling commands
  • QuickSoup to refill your health/hunger
  • A refill command to refill your bowl(s)
  • Economy: Cost per kits, money per kill, losing money per death.
  • Easy configuration
  • In-game configuration editing
  • Killstreaks
  • Developer friendly (Open source code and hooks)


If “Use economy” in the economy config is enabled, you must have Vault.


If “Scoreboards” in the config is enabled, all other Scoreboard plugins would conflict with this one.

Creating KingKits signs

1. Place down a sign.

2. On the first line type “[Kit]”.

3. On the second line type the kit name.

4. On the other lines you can type whatever you like.

5. Right click on the sign to activate it.

Note – To create kit signs, you MUST disable Essentials kit sign otherwise it wont register as a PvP Kit sign.


– /kingkits <command>

~ The KingKits plugin command. Right now you can have /kingkits config list, /kingkits config <property> <value> and /kingkits reload

– /pvpkit <kit>

~ The command to set your kit.

– /createkit <kit>

~ The command to create a kit using all the items in your inventory.

– /deletekit <kit>

~ The command to delete a kit.

– /renamekit <kit> <newkit>

~ The command to rename a kit.

– /kingkits reload (/reloadkits in previous versions below v1.1.2)

~ The command to reload all the configurations. (Configurations at the bottom of the page)

– /refill [<all>]

~ The command to refill the bowl in your hand or refill all the bowls in your inventory.


  • kingkits.kit.use ~ Use /pvpkit <kit>
  • kingkits.kit.create ~ Use /createkit <kit>
  • kingkits.kit.delete ~ Use /deletekit <kit>
  • kingkits.kit.rename ~ Use /rename <kit> <newkit>
  • kingkits.kit.sign.use ~ Use kit signs.
  • kingkits.kit.sign.create ~ Create kit signs.
  • kingkits.kits.<kit> ~ Use a certain kit.
  • OP ~ Use /kingkits reload
  • kingkits.compass ~ Change the compass pointer to the nearest player.
  • kingkits.quicksoup ~ Drink soup instantly and heal/feed the player.
  • kingkits.refill.single ~ Use /refill
  • kingkits.refill.all ~ Use /refill <all>
  • kingkits.command.config ~ Use /kingkits config



  • Fixed huge bug that stops the plugin from working.
  • Made it so the bug would never happen again… hopefully.
  • Fixed the scoreboard bug.

Download KingKits Plugin 1.7.4/1.7.2/1.6.2

For 1.7.4

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.2


  • KingFaris10
  • mrgameguideguys
  • Antibes
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