KillCounter bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4

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KillCounter 1.6.4


  • This Plugin is the perfect method to count and store kills when playing the Survivalgames or any other pvp-based-maps. The Players can read out their score and the scores of other Players. Additionally, Players can see what the current highscore is, and which Player holds it. A Reward-System can give Players rewards if the Player reaches a specified amount of kills. The Players are able to see the scoreboard and their position in the scoreboard. (The Plugin also counts Bow-Kills).
  • Version 2.0.0 is a complete rewrite of the old plugin, including an API, faster algorithms and more efficient data storage.


  • Reward-System (see “Rewards system” for further information)
  • Let the Player check its own current score (kills,deaths,KDR …)
  • Let the Player check other Player’s current score
  • Ingame-Admin-Command to reset kills to 0
  • Let the Player know the scoreboard
  • Let the Player know its position in the scoreboard


  • Copy the KillCounter.jar in your plugins folder
  • Restart your Server
  • The Plugin generates a Folder in /plugins/KillCounter
    • IMPORTANT: when updating from 1.4.1 be sure do delete the complete KillCounter folder before going on. When updating in general, delete your config-file and let it generate a new one. You can copy&paste your custom nodes in there.

General Informations

  • On the first run or even if the files don’t exist, the plugin will create the config and data folder
  • Files for new players are only added if neccessary


  • /kc </> : shows version and license info
  • /kc reset <name> : resets stats of a player
  • /kc resetall : resets all stats
  • /score [name] : shows your own stats or stats of given player
  • /top [amount] : shows top players
  • /top me : shows your position in the scoreboard


  • kc.admin : gives access to all admin commands
  • kc.see.self : gives access to own statistics
  • kc.see.other : gives access to statistics of everyone

Rewards system

  • You can reward players for their kills with items. If you set REWARD_KILLS in the config to 5, players will get the reward every time they reach an amount of kills that (KILLS mod REWARD_KILLS) = 0, that means for example with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 12995 kills.
  • Set REWARD_KILLS = to 0 or -1 to disable the rewards system


  • DEBUG : enables debug-mode
  • RANKING_COMPUTE_DELAY : delay for recomputing the scoreboard order (very resource consuming) in milliseconds, DO NOT set too low
  • SYNC_SCHEDULER : sets if schedulers for recomputing should run synced, set to false for better performance, but this might cause crashs
  • DEFAULT_TOP_AMOUNT : default amount of players showed when doing “/top”
  • RESET_ON_DEATH : set to true if you want to reset the stats of a player automaticly when he dies
  • HEADER_MSG : header of the stats chat representation
  • ENTRY_MSG : an entry of the stats chat representation
  • TOP_ENTRY : entry of the scoreboard chat representation
  • TOP_HEADER : header of the scoreboard chat representation
  • REWARD_MSG : message sent to player when receiving reward
  • ANNOUNCE_ON_KILL : set to true if you want no let the player know its current kills after every kill
  • ANNOUNCE_MSG : message sent to player whenever he kills somebody
  • REWARD_KILLS : kills for giving reward, “5” means player get rewards when reaching 5;10;15;20;25 … kills
  • REWARD_ITEMS : itemslist for rewards, format: <id>.<amount>,<id2>.<amount2> …


  • You can access the statistics from within another plugin easily. Just include KillCounter to your buildpath and add it as dependency. To access a users Stats-Entry do eitherStats.get(“playername”) or Stats.get(playerobj). These objects hold all neccessary methods for viewing and editing the saved stats-values.

Known Bugs

  • Currently none



  • Complete rewrite and update to new bukkit builds
  • See main description page for details

Download KillCounter

For 1.6.4


  • iToobi
  • Jackalmen



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