Json Recipes Mod 1.7.10

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Json Recipes Mod


  • JSON Format – easy to read and use, used everywhere else in Minecraft.
  • Full NBT support. Throw any NBT tags on your items.
  • OreDictionary support. Use ANY copper for your recipe.
  • Aliases system. You can easily link back to some item(like renamed enchanted and damaged golden sword) by short and simple string. Same for fluids and recipe types(BuildCraft|Core-refinery => refinery, etc)
  • Nice and easy API for modders to use.

Coming Soon:

  • Some of the big mods support(Like IC2, BuildCraft, etc).
  • Recipes loaded from resource packs.
  • Some kind of nice JSON editor, probably in-game one.


  • Version is still pretty raw, bugs can be found.
  • Not everybody can properly understand how to use JSON.

Download Json Recipes Mod

For 1.7.10

Author: anti_344

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