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JSON Manage Mod 1.7.4


No API is complete without documentation, and this one is certainly no different. The JSON format is as follows:


The args field is where data is passed to/from the server backend as well as return codes and additional information.

Currently Supported Commands

  1. Sending a message to a specific player (SINGLE_MESSAGE)
  2. Broadcasting a message to the entire server (BROADCAST_MESSAGE)
  3. Getting a list of currently connected players (GET_PLAYERS)
  4. Get memory usage statistics from the server (USAGE)
  5. Get TPS data from all dimensions (GET_TPS)
  6. Get a list of installed mods (GET_MODS)
  7. Stop the server (STOP_SERVER)
  8. Start the server (START_SERVER)
  9. Restart the server (RESTART_SERVER)
  10. Get the command line arguments (GET_CMD_ARGS)
  11. Set the command line arguments (SET_CMD_ARGS)
  12. Set the initial stack size (-Xms option) (SET_INIT_STACK_SIZE)
  13. Set the maximum stack size (-Xmx option) (SET_MAX_STACK_SIZE)
  14. Get Minecraft property from server.properties (GET_MC_PROP)
  15. Set Minecraft property from server.properties (SET_MC_PROP)

Table 1: English descriptions of commands and arguments

<thead> <th>Command</th><th>English Description</th><th>Arguments</th><th>Returns</th> </thead>

USAGE Returns maximum available memory, currently allocated memory, and free memory for the current Java VM in bytes None Three strings: “maxMemory”, “allocatedMemory”, and “freeMemory”
GET_PLAYERS Returns a list of currently connected players None List of strings: “players”
STOP_SERVER Stops the server None Success/Failure : “ret_code”
START_SERVER Starts the server None Success/Failure : “ret_code”
RESTART_SERVER Restarts the server None Success/Failure : “ret_code”
SINGLE_MESSAGE Sends a message to a specific player “to” and “msg” Success/Failure : “ret_code”
BROADCAST_MESSAGE Broadcasts a message to the whole server “msg” Success/Failure : “ret_code”
GET_MODS Returns the list of currently installed mods None List of strings: “mods”
GET_TPS Returns TPS data for all loaded dimensions None Map of ints to strings: “tps_data”
GET_CMD_ARGS Returns current command line arguments None String: “cmd_args”
SET_CMD_ARGS Sets command line arguments (does not take effect until after server restart) “cmd_args” Success/Failure : “ret_code”
SET_MAX_STACK_SIZE Sets the maximum stack size (-Xmx VM arg, does not take effect until after server restart) “max_stack_size” (Value is string to go after -Xmx, ex: “max_stack_size”:”1024M”) Success/Failure : “ret_code”
SET_INIT_STACK_SIZE Sets the initial stack size (-Xms VM arg, does not take effect until after server restart) “init_stack_size” (Value is string to go after -Xms, ex: “max_stack_size”:”1024M”) Success/Failure : “ret_code”
GET_MC_PROP Gets a Minecraft property from the server.properties file “mc_property” String: “property_value”
SET_MC_PROP Sets a Minecraft property (does not take effect until after server restart) “mc_property” and “property_value” Success/Failure : “ret_code”

Table 2: Sample JSON for currently supported commands

<thead> <th>Command</th><th>Sample Input</th><th>Sample Return</th> </thead>

USAGE {“command”:”USAGE”} {“command”:”USAGE”,”args”:{“ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}
GET_PLAYERS {“command”:”GET_PLAYERS”} {“command”:”GET_PLAYERS”,”args”:{“players”:[“conman2305″],”ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}
STOP_SERVER {“command”:”STOP_SERVER”} {“command”:”STOP_SERVER”,”args”:{“ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}
START_SERVER {“command”:”START_SERVER”} {“command”:”START_SERVER”,”args”:{“ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}
SINGLE_MESSAGE {“command”:”SINGLE_MESSAGE”,”args”:{“to”:”conman2305″,”message”:”Hello World!”}} {“command”:”SINGLE_MESSAGE”,”args”:{“ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}
BROADCAST_MESSAGE {“command”:”BROADCAST_MESSAGE”,”args”:{“message”:”Hello World!”}} {“command”:”BROADCAST_MESSAGE”,”args”:{“ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}
GET_MODS {“command”:”GET_MODS”} {“command”:”GET_MODS”,”args”:{“mods”:[“Minecraft Coder Pack”,”Forge Mod Loader”,”Minecraft Forge”,”JSONManage”],”ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}
GET_TPS {“command”:”GET_TPS”} {“command”:”GET_TPS”,”args”:{“tps_data”:{“0″:”2.565826812878905″,”1″:”20.0″,”-1″:”20.0″},”ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}
GET_CMD_ARGS {“command”:”GET_CMD_ARGS”} {“command”:”GET_CMD_ARGS”,”args”:{“ret_code”:”SUCCESS”,”cmd_args”:”-Xincgc -Dfml.ignoreInvalidMinecraftCertificates\u003dtrue “}}
SET_CMD_ARGS {“command”:”SET_CMD_ARGS”,”args”:{“cmd_args”:”-Xmx512M -Xms512M -Xincgc -Dfml.ignoreInvalidMinecraftCertificates\u003dtrue”}} {“command”:”SET_CMD_ARGS”,”args”:{“ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}
SET_MAX_STACK_SIZE {“command”:”SET_MAX_STACK_SIZE”,”args”:{“max_stack_size”:”1024M”}} {“command”:”SET_MAX_STACK_SIZE”,”args”:{“ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}
SET_INIT_STACK_SIZE {“command”:”SET_INIT_STACK_SIZE”,”args”:{“init_stack_size”:”1024M”}} {“command”:”SET_INIT_STACK_SIZE”,”args”:{“ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}
GET_MC_PROP {“command”:”GET_MC_PROP”,”args”:{“mc_property”:”server-port”}} {“command”:”GET_MC_PROP”,”args”:{“property_value”:”25565″,”ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}
SET_MC_PROP {“command”:”SET_MC_PROP”,”args”:{“mc_property”:”server-port”, “property_value”:”25566″}} {“command”:”SET_MC_PROP”,”args”:{“ret_code”:”SUCCESS”}}

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