Jobs Plugin 1.7.4/1.7.2/1.5.2

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Jobs Plugin 1.7.4

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting. Class based (experience increases as you perform your job).


  • Create your own custom jobs and choose what they get paid for and how much.
  • Leveling mechanic where higher level jobs will give higher incomes. Income earned = experience gained.
  • Equation determining maximum experience, experience gained and income gained is customizable.
  • Customizable skill levels in the game to mark leveling milestones (fully customizable in the configuration file).
  • Your profession and skill level is part of your display name and whenever you talk everyone will know what you do and how good you are. (optional)
  • Does periodic saving and save on player exiting the server.
  • Permissions support.
  • Admin commands work even when the players are offline.
  • Foreign language translations (i18n)


  • Vault


  • MySQL
  • BukkitPerms Permission Manager

Developer Notes

Please don’t ask me questions in private messages. Please instead post on these forums, or open a ticket (if applicable). If you have a question, chances are other people have the same question, and it is helpful for everybody to have the questions and responses out publically rather than in my private inbox. If I don’t respond, it’s not because I have a personal grudge or don’t care, it’s because you’re inappropriately using the private message function.


Jobs may work if using one of these plugins, however, issues involving these plugins will be unsupported. Use at your own risk.

  • PermissionsEX – PermissionsEX is inherently flawed, breaks Bukkit. Test with another permission manager first, chances are the issue is specific to PEX.
  • Spout – Spout has a history of being unstable at times, and users submit bugs here instead of to them. Remove Spout first to see if your problem goes away.
  • Forge/ModloaderMP mods – Test against vanilla Bukkit first. If it works with Vanilla Bukkit, then the problem is somewhere else.



  • Bugfix CraftItemEvent for invalid crafting events
  • Updated translations (fr)
  • Added new translations (et, cs)

Download Jobs Plugin 1.7.4/1.5.2

For 1.7.4/1.7.2

For 1.5.2

Author: phrstbrn

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