IronFist Mod 1.7.10

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IronFist Mod

IronFist is a simple mod adding the ability to improve your fist. You can now increase your strength and break even obsidian with just your fist!

However to reach such strength you’ll have to work hard.  You’ll need to punch everything you can and gradually become stronger. No more need for breaking tools, your fist is now your omni-tool!

Further uses are still unknown but who knows what may be possible with just your fist!


Fist tiers:

  1. DefaultFist
  2. WoodenFist
  3. StoneFist
  4. IronFist
  5. DiamondFist
  6. Next tiers are mod depending

Every time your fist tier increases it’ll increase speed and harvesting capabilities. Each tier resembles a tool tier. When you start and reach tier 2, you’ll be able to harvest anything a wooden tool can. For vanilla this means you’ll be able to break stone into cobblestone and mine coal.

Download IronFist Mod

For 1.7.10

Author: Machir

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