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Ion Cannon bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2

Destroying the world has become so simple . . .


Stable Build : [1.6.4] IonCannon 3.0-b23


Ion Cannon is one of my first plugins. It spawns a tower of some TNT blocks with a command. One command and One item spawnable can launch Ion Cannon to destroy any area. Permission and some values are configurable in config file.


  • Permission Support 😀
  • Destroy any area with a command
  • Config File: Default size, onlyOp, maxsize, etc
  • Remote item to launch more simply
  • BeaconBeam visual effect
  • Now support plugins blocked explosions (like WorldGuard)


All commands (exept /ionhelp) need tp process in control Room (configuraable)

/ion | Send list of all IonCannon commands

/ion remote> | Create remote command for launch Laser

/ion setsize <size> | Set laser Size High size can crash server, use with precaution !

/ionlock <X> <Z> | Launch Ion at <X> <Z>


ion.cmd.* | allow acces to all permission contains : ion.cmd.<any>

ion.cmd.ion | Allow acces to help command : /ion

ion.cmd.setsize | Allow acces to command : /ion setsize <size>

ion.cmd.ionlock | Allow acces to command : /ionlock <x> <z>

ion.cmd.remote | Allow acces to command : /ion remote

ion.use.remote | Allow player with permission to use remote item

►Configuration File:

OpOnly: false
//Allow only op (true) to use commands, or not (false)

WgMode: false;
//Set to true if you want server destroy blocs withous using explosion (in Laser). Use this if you use plugins who prevent explosions

LaserMateriaIdl: 57
//Change if you want to the Id of border of the lazer (DiamondBlock by default).

DefaultSize: 4
// Set default laser size (can be changed in-game with /ion setsize)

MaxSize: 20
//Set max Laser size for (/ion setsize) command.

WaitingTime: 20
//Set the Waiting time before the launch of laser.

LaserMaterial: DIAMOND_BLOCK<</color>>  //This no longer work, remplaced by LaserMaterialId

►Remote command: Remote command can be only generated with command .

For generate use this : /ion remote
For use, juste right click to a block.
The remote is FIREWORK with custom name.


► Changelog:

Quote:v3.0 – b3:
– Add Wg Mode in config
– Change LaserMaterial in config to LaserMaterialId
– Compatible with 1.6.2 – 1.6.4

– Eemoved ControlRoom and all passwords needed, some trouble.
– Clean up the source code 🙂
– Add new command to set Laser size
– Remove authentification with password
– The remote has set to new Firework (generated only with command).
– The cannon with now launch with simply command and remote.
– Add BeaconBeam
– Change all Permissions
– Change ConfigurationFile

v2.3 :
– Add laser size when launch with remote command (like older IonCannonPlugin)
– Add item (remote command) to launch cannon (like older IonCannonPlugin)
– Add remote command craft and command to generate it.
– Epic lag fixed !

v2.2 :
– Bug (NeedControlRoom) fixed
– New option in Config File (LaserMaterial)
– Reduce lag

v2.1 :
– Updated to Minecraft 1.2.5
– Major bug Fixed (LAG Fixed)
– Protection Plugins WON’T Block IonCannon

v2.0 :
– Added NeedControlRoom & NeedAuth in config File

v1.1 :
– Added Permission Support

v1.0 :
– Created the Ion Canon plugin

Download Ion Cannon bukkit plugins for minecraft

For 1.6.4


For 1.6.2


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