Invisiblocks Mod 1.7.10

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Invisiblocks Mod

Invisiblocks started as a simple way to create floating torches and hanging ladders, a way to bind water in interesting patterns, and other visually interesting things you couldn’t do before.  But it’s evolved into something much more.

Since we first released it we’ve had lots of interest for other features.  These features have all been created and added in the latest release. Invisiblocks is no longer simply about hanging ladders.  Now it’s much more.

You can now create hundreds of contraptions using all sorts of new invisible blocks.  Some of which are much more than simply invisible vanilla blocks.


100% removed WAILA Support
InvisiTrapper Block > InvisToggle Block
InvisiToggle Block works as described now
Update: 1/14/2015   v1.1.8

– Modified to be Multiplayer Compatible

– Extended visibility update range to 20 from 5
New Textures!

Full List of New Blocks:

InvisiShield – Allows Players through, but not anything else!
InvisiButton – Invisible Buttons for all of your buttony needs!
InvisiPlate – No, it’s not for eating off of!  It’s a pressure plate!
InvisiLight – Illuminate areas mysteriously… the invisible way!




InvisiTrapper – Solid when not receiving Redstone Power, Not solid when power received.

Bug Fixes:

Flickering Block Issue
Visibility after glasses removed
New Features:
Blocks that are invisible (aka the glasses of sight are not currently equipped) will not have their outlines drawn.
WAILA will not identify invisible blocks unless the player can see them.

Download Invisiblocks Mod

For 1.7.10

Aithor: Sirencrafter

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