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Invincible class airborne battlecarrier Map


Invincible class airborne battlecarrier Map

He is proud to show you my latest airship : The Hms Invincible II, a wooden/nuclear powered/torch lighted/TNT loaded flying aircraft carrier. What could possibly go wrong ?


This build is massive (360x 60×80) and he had a hard time doing the interiors, he know it sux, don’t judge :°). Although he  built a few things especially for it, such as biplanes and other stuff. he features a captain log, a few cabins and lobbies, a gran mess, a conference room, a lot of cargo for the ammunition, two hangars for biplanes and other vehicles, an infirmary and a surgery room, a cockpit with an observation bay, a police station with a jail, an inventory/shop, toilets (yep) kitchens, barracks, a shooting range, a reactor room, a lot of observation decks for observing stuff, something like 14 380mm cannons, a laboratory and probably other things he forgot. Also it features a completely empty room for no reasons else that he couldn’t come with an idea of what he could build in it.







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Author: Apimil

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