Inventory Crafting Grid Mod 1.8

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No need for crafting tables, you now have a 3×3 crafting area right in your inventory.

Note – 2 of the screenshots here show things NOT in this mod, but are listed in order to display cross-mod compatibility testing —  this mod only adds the 3×3 crafting area.

Works in SSP and SMP (install on both client and server, of course).   If you find a conflict with another mod, please let me know and I will look into it.  Designed of course for survival, of course…..   BUT  If you play in creative with this mod installed, then the ‘pick block’ button will do some weird things and mix up your hotbar.

Note – One of the screenshots shows some tab icons in the top of the inventory, that is a shot of me testing it along side the Custom NPC’s mod installed side by side.

Note – Known conflict: this mod will run fine with the mod Inventory Tweaks installed, however some of that mods built in features (such as Auto Refill) will get confused and sometimes put items into the crafting window instead of your hotbar, or a number of weird things.   This is simply because of the way that I added a number of “slots” or boxes to the inventory, so it is not built to handle that.  But sorting and the buttons and such run fine, I have a screenshot up of this mod showing the button.

Requires Minecraft Forge version 1.8- or higher.


Download Inventory Crafting Grid Mod

For 1.8

Author: Lothrazar

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