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Instahome Mod for MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) 0.9.5/0.9.0


Craft the new items in the craftingtable. Then tap, anywhere you want, the ground with the an item(dont use the anti items first).You will get some stuff in your inventory (not for everything) and nearby will spawn a building. But when you think the place isn’t very good where the building has spawned, tap the ground with the “Anti…” item at the same place where you had tapped the ground befor to spawn the building and it will dissapear. (anti Items arent aviable for every thing)


  • 463=Instahome
  • 464=Antihome
  • 469=Mini Instahome
  • 470=Mini Antihome
  • 461=Cobblestone Instahome
  • 462=Cobblestone Antihome
  • 465=Archertower
  • 466=Fontain
  • 467=Latern
  • 468=Street
  • 471=Mushroomhouse
  • 472=Fire way
  • 473-478=Walls(Castle design)
  • 483=Instant Spleef
  • 479-482=Spleef items you will get 4 Free when you use Instant Spleef
  • 484=Brick house

Mod Review:


  • Instahome/Antihome = 2 Sticks,5 Diamonds,1 Torch
  • Mini Instahome/Antihome = 2 Sticks, 2 Diamonds, 1 Torch
  • Cobble Instahome/Antihome = 2 Sticks, 5 Cobble, 1 Torch
  • Archertower = 2 Bows, 1 Arrow, 1 Stonebrick
  • Fontain = 5 Stoneslabs, 1 Bucket Latern = 2 Fences, 1 Glowstone
  • Street = 1 Minecart, 5 Stoneslabs
  • Mushroomhouse = 1 Mushroomsoup, 8 Red mushroom
  • Fire way = 1 Glass, 5 Stoneslabs
  • Walls = 9 Stonebricks
  • Instant Spleef = 1 Fence, 1 Stonebrick, 1 Ironblock, 1 Glowstone, 2 Ironshovel
  • Brickhouse = 5 Diamonds, 1 Torch, 3 Bricks

How to install:

  • Download the mod.
  • Then you need to open a file manager like ES File Explorer (free) for Android.
  • Then go to the file with your mods in it, and click the one you want in your MCPE game.
  • Then go to BlockLauncher (app for android) and open the in game file manager (its a button at the top of your screen) then hit the patch mods in game button.
  • Then open the file with your mods in it, and tap the one you want, and it will say Do You Want To Patch This Mod?
  • Then hit patch and now you have a mod for your MCPE game.
  • Enjoy.

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