Infected bukkit plugins for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2

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Infected bukkit plugins 1.6.4

What is “Infected”? 

Infected is a popular game mode from Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 3. This plugin tries its’ best to replicate that gamemode and turn it into a Minecraft minigame. The objective of this game for humans is to simply outlast and fight the zombies. But you only have one life. Once you get bitten, then you turn into a zombie and are forced to infect the ones who were once your allies and friends. Humans. If you happen to get caught by the horde, your objective as a zombie is to infect all the humans before the timer is up.


  • Saves inventory, armor, exp, levels and the player’s last known spot
  • Auto-starts when the required amount of players join the lobby
  • Ability to vote for the map you want to play
  • Multiple spawns for arenas
  • Score & points system
  • Shop – spend your points to buy new items
  • DisguiseCraft support
  • iDisguise Support
  • Vault Support
  • TagAPI support
  • CrackShot Support
  • Uses the new scoreboard feature
  • Tracks kills/deaths/killstreaks and playing time
  • Rewards for winning(Last human alive)
  • Grenades (can be customized to your liking)
  • Define classes for players to use
  • Use your economy instead of points
  • Signs can be used for commands/showing game info
  • Has a book for the commands help
  • Zombie abilities (Give your zombies a fighting chance)


For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2


  • xXSniperzzXxSD
  • Arton123
  • EncryptedCurse
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