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Industrial Agriculture Mod 1.7.2


Industrial Agriculture Mod 1.7.2

If so, then this mod is for you! Industrialcraft 2 crops are incredibly annoying to maintain and harvest, and Industrial Agriculture aims to fix that problem. Once you breed your crops the conventional IC2 way, you can plant the byproducts on vanilla farmland with the exception of hops. Hops must first be crafted into hops seeds like so:

Posted Image

Right now there are only four crops: hops, coffee, cocoa, and terrawarts. However, I can easily expand the mod to include other crops if people desire. Right now I don’t have an idea for a balanced way to create “seeds” for other crops like stick reed and red wheat. If you happen to have any ideas yourself, be sure to let me know!

Additional Images of the Crops:


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

Terra Warts:

Posted Image

*Terra Warts can only be planted on podzol


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For 1.7.2


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