HoverBoat Mod 1.8.1

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HoverBoat Mod

This mod adds the Hoverboat, which the ultimate fast travel device. It can hover, fly, go across the ground, sail (obviously), turn into a submarine, (Both for lava AND water). It is also a powerful exploration tool, as it also has a storage system (If you access the back it’s a chest). It’s heavily armed as well.


How to use:
Get in and move around with WSAD. Keys are most options are configurable in the settings screen (Options, Mod settings, hoverboat). I’ll use default keys to explain how to do stuff, so if you have WSAD rebinded to something else use those keys.

I’ll start by saying that Weapon and Drop types can be configured in the settings gui. You can select ANY AND EVERY ENTITY IN THE GAME (Except for blacklisted ones that cause crashes and other hoverboats), and all blocks (Again, except where blacklisted EX you can’t fire redstone torches that are in on or off states, it’s off only). This also supports mods as well, so _303’s arrows mod for example works perfectly with this, and if it’s not supports out-of-the-box I included specific third party support, with ScottyDoesKnow’s guns as the example. Assuming you want to change what kind of arrows / cannons you want to fire, go to Hoverboat, Arrow / Cannon Settings, View Selection List. There will be a MASSIVE list here. One button toggles whether it’s allowed or not, the one below it obviously makes it the default (So if you get in the hoverboat for the first time and you have ‘spider jockey’ as the default it will select the spider jockey as the arrow). Note that there are two separate lists for arrow / cannon settings and drop settings. Same thing, but instead of going into Arrow / Cannon Settings go into Drop Settings.

Keys are simple enough, Left Shift if you are shooting, Left Control if you are dropping. Note that to drop you DO need to be in flight mode. Not really much else so say about those two. You can shift through Weapons with K and L, and drops with H and J.

There are now also four ‘steering modes’. You can cycle the modes with Comma and Period.

Minecraft Standard

      – This is the same as the regular boat and the earlier hoverboats. Not much to say here, though it does occasionally bug out at high speeds, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

Free View

      – This basically uses only the keyboard for steering. W and S control going forward or breaking obviously, A and D turn the boat left and right respectively. Note that unless Minecraft Standard, it turns the same amount whether it’s going fast or slow, though there is some friction with it, so for example going from fully left to fully right takes a small amount of time.

Flight Mode

      – This one was suggested. Basically, it’s a mix of Minecraft Standard and Free View. It still tries to follow the mouse, but only takes input if you are trying to speed up or slow down with W or S. A and D do not do anything at all in this mode, and it will continue to go straight if you let go of W or S, whether you turn or not. This mode turns the same amount as free view does, but it has no friction following the mouse, so you can have (Mostly) instant turns around stuff.

Versatile Mode

      – This one was also suggested. Quite simply, it’s Flight Mode, but with A and D controlling strafing.

Which brings us to changing the mode of the boat. You can either use the hotkeys OR cycle. Cycle with O and P, the hotkeys are V for boat mode, B for hover mode, and N for flight mode. Jump key is context aware, so it depends on the mode for what it does. Park mode is a special case.

Boat Mode

      – Hotkey V – This is closest to the regular boat, but if you press jump it will do one of two things, depending if you are on ground or water / lava. If you are on ground it will ‘hop’, so you can jump over at least one block. You can climb with this method, and there is no cooldown. Otherwise, it will try and sink into submarine mode. While underwater in sub mode floating is lowered, so you only need to tap jump every now and then to keep underwater. Note submarine mode requires that setting be enabled (It is by default) and it also gives you air, so you don’t drown. If you need to do some underwater excavation, I suggest using this and Park (Right Shift) mode. Dive, park, and mine away. When running low, get in the boat, and get out again.

Hover Mode

      – Hotkey B – This is the default. It hovers obviously, and is great for speeding over mostly flat terrain. Usually if a player is inside it will clear 2 blocks, but If going at 70% of max speed it will start to hover higher, so you can clear 3 blocks. It’s quite fun to speed over the landscape in this way. Jump is of course a special key again. If you are near the ground (if you are within half a block of your hover height) you will start to jump, up to a rather high 7 blocks off the ground. Of course, if you let go early you will float down. If you are in the sky from jumping or falling off a cliff, jump will slow your fall based on how fast you are going. Faster you go, slower you fall.

Flight Mode

      – Hotkey N – Should be mostly obvious what this one does. It flys. It’s basically hover mode, but has no restrictions on how high you are to fly upwards. However, it depends a lot more on speed, so don’t be slow with this or you will drop. Added bonus with this one is that if you are going fast, it won’t really drop at all, so if you keep fast you won’t have to use jump at all. Sometimes, it’s still good to use as like with Hover mode it will still slow decent. Also, in Flight mode you can use drops.

Park Mode

      – Hotkey Right Shift – Not really a mode as such, but if you press the Park (Right Shift) key the boat will stop all movement. It will become an unmovable obstacle until you press the Park (Right Shift) key again. This is a tip of the hat to people who wanted floating platforms, since if you get out of the hoverboat it will move you on top. and you can walk around on it to build if you want.

You can also use the hoverboat as a storage facility as well. Simply try to ‘use’ the boat while sneaking and (As long as you are not already inside) a chest screen will open, assuming you haven’t got it disabled. If you change the max size of the chest, it will compress and reorganize items IF REQUIRED. If it can’t fit after that, it will drop items.

Almost all settings are easily changed from a gui thanks to lahwran’s gui API. They should be pretty self explanatory, except a few.

TNT lines

      affects how much tnt you can drop at a time. If you set it to one, only one ‘line’ will be used, but if you set it to 5 5 (obviously) will be used. I can’t really think of any other names for this, so bear with me. Basically, each ‘line’ of tnt affects where the tnt is dropped behind you AND when it’s dropped. Each one keeps track of it’s own drop times separately, so more lines, more tnt is dropped faster, and it’s spread out more too.

TNT Ticks

      is basically how long tnt takes to detonate from the TNT cannon. 80 is the default tnt timing, set it lower to make it blow up faster. I suppose I could make my own entity to blow up on contact later, but as of now you can set this to make fireworks / artillery.

Fireball speed booster

      basically dictates how fast each fireball accelerates.

View (Seat) shift

      is where you sit. The original boat was at 0.4 (Meaning you are moved back), the hoverboat defaults to 0 (Centered). You can now change to to how you want, and the limits are 1 in either direction, so you can hang out either side if you wish. Note steering is still based on the center of the boat, not you, so doing so does mess up steering sometimes in my testing.

Alternate Turn Speed

      says how fast it turns in the ‘alternate’ steering modes. As I can’t really control with the default steering because of how it works, I added this option so you can have it steer as hard or soft as you want it to.

Brake Threshold

      controls how slow it has to go before reversal protection kicks in. Basically, if it goes below this and you are holding the back key, the hoverboat will stop. It won’t flip around like it used to, which was annoying as hell. Note, if you are staring towards the back and holding forward this will not kick in. This is NOT used in Flight or Versatile Mode, they can reverse whenever they want.

Cannon Accuracy

      is pretty obvious, just want to note that it is in degrees.

Drop Accuracy

      is not as obvious. It’s radius based, and measured in blocks. So, at 1, it will drop anywhere within a 2X2 block area, centered on whatever drop point it’s at. Kind of confusing, but that’s the best way to say it.

Enable Dynamic Light


Light Brightness

      control if the Hoverboat will shine like a torch. This requires the

Dynamic Lights mod

      , and if it’s not there these don’t do anything.

You craft it by the following recipe.

:Yellow: :DBlock: :Yellow:
:Yellow: :Yellow: :Yellow:

:Yellow: meaning gold block.

Install HoverBoat Mod

Same instructions as every other mod. Drag and drop in. Or you can use the modloader feature and drag the .zip file into .minecraft/mods. Which ever you choose.

Requires the following mods:

Optionally you can install:
Dynamic Lights

Download HoverBoat Mod

For 1.8.1


Author: ShaRose

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