Herobrine Mod for MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) 0.9.5/0.9.0

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Herobrine has entered the game once again… Except this time, he’s brought along PIGBRINE, NOTCH, AND EVEN CHUCK NORRIS with him!


  • Herobrine
  • Poison bottles
  • Holy tools
  • Holy Grail
  • Holy Armour
  • Holy Staff
  • Holy Portals
  • Pigbrine Spawner
  • Holy Gems/Ore
  • Holy Blocks
  • Holy Portal Activator
  • Holy Dimension
  • Notch
  • Chuck Norris
  • Wiki
  • Herobrine Spawner
  • Herobrine’s Ghost
  • Herobrine’s Ghost Spawner
  • Fallen Angel
  • Angel
  • Angel Spawner
  • Fallen Angel Spawner
  • Herobrine’s Flesh

Mobs Information:

Block And Item Ids:

Here are all the block and item ids for this mod:


  • 496: Angel Spawner
  • 497: Fallen Angel Spawner
  • 498: Herobrine Spawner
  • 499: Herobrine’s Flesh
  • 500: Bottle of healing
  • 501: Holy Sword
  • 502: Holy Staff
  • 503: Holy Portal Activator
  • 504: Wiki
  • 505: Chuck Norris Spawner
  • 506: Notch Spawner
  • 507: Holy Grail
  • 508: Holy Gem
  • 509: Holy Portal
  • 510: Bottle of Poison
  • 511: Pigbrine Spawner

(The item ids for both holy armour and holy tools are those for diamond armour and diamond tools)

BLOCKS (These are blocks for the portal, they have no use for the User)

  • 180: Holy Block
  • 181: Holy Portal


  • /hh wiki: Gives you a wiki
  • /hh items: Gives you all the items and blocks
  • /hh help: Gives a list of all these commands








Mod Showcase:

How to install:

  • Download the mod.
  • Then you need to open a file manager like ES File Explorer (free) for Android.
  • Then go to the file with your mods in it, and click the one you want in your MCPE game.
  • Then go to BlockLauncher (app for android) and open the in game file manager (its a button at the top of your screen) then hit the patch mods in game button.
  • Then open the file with your mods in it, and tap the one you want, and it will say Do You Want To Patch This Mod?
  • Then hit patch and now you have a mod for your MCPE game.
  • Enjoy.

Download Links:

For 0.9.5/0.9.0


Herobrine Mod Texture Pack (Recommend)

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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